The Tech Game: January 2009

The Pope has created a YouTube account21,4794.6 hacked again01,4354.6
Firefox wants to watch you browse01,5684.7
Amazon offers 40% off Xbox Live Gold Subscription04,0514.6
Belkin paying people to post fake reviews01,3194.6
App Store: 15,000 apps and 500m downloads11,4874.7
Teen racks up 14,528 texts in one month01,6704.6
3-D television coming to a home near you11,7334.7
Downloads added01,6464.6
Xbox360 sales hit 28 million worldwide, 8 million in Europe11,3104.4
PS2 the Most Played Console In 200801,2644.6
New UK police powers to hack without a warrant01,4384.3
Nintendo to launch television channel for the Wii11,3834.6
First 100 domains ever registered01,4534.6
A new year and a new beginning for the iPhone01,3014.6
Microsoft getting ready to lay off 17% of staff?01,4504.5
World's largest software counterfeiters jailed in China01,3724.6
Ninja Blade01,7664.7
Skate 2 Demo Confirmed by January 8th11,3454.7
What do we have instore for the 360 in 09 then?01,8674.8

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