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After seven pre-release versions, Minecraft 1.8.2 was released into the wild yesterday, adding a few minor changes since pre-release 7. But that was yesterday. That was the past! 1.8.2 is dead, replaced by the usurper, 1.8.3. That was quick. According to Mojang, a serious bug in the 1.8.2 server caused the game to crash on world load, necessitating an update to 1.8.3. Not a very glamorous ...read more
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Another release date delay for Project Cars was announced by Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco. Project Cars was recently aimed to be released in March, but is now scheduled to arrive on PC on April 2nd, then followed with an Xbox One and PS4 release on April 7th. The game was originally due out in November 2014, but was then pushed to March 2015.
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Here’s an interesting one for any avid Call of Duty fan that may have heard of but never seen the Chinese free-to-play Call of Duty Online from Activision, Tencent, and Raven Software in action. The shooter, which is a micro-transaction-based melting pot of Call of Duty titles ranging from the original Modern Warfare to Black Ops 2, is currently in Open Beta in China only. So, while it might ...read more
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Ubisoft has confirmed an Assassin's Creed Rogue PC release date of March 10, 2015. Originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in November 2014, the game has been adapted for PC by Ubisoft Kiev. The PC version of Rogue introduces eye tracking as a complimentary input to the mouse and keyboard. Using the SteelSeries Sentry eye tracking device, players can pan the camera to the left or right by ...read more
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More bans have been issued by Valve and the ESL over match fixing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with three teams scheduled to participate in the offline qualifier for ESL One Katowice 2015 disqualified. According to a statement posted on the CCS:GO thread of the ESL website, Epsilon eSports, ex-ESC Gaming and WinneR all have players on their teams found to have been involved in match ...read more
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EA has revealed the Battlefield Hardline PC system requirements, which are republished below. The requirements are the same for both the final game and the title's open beta, which launches today on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Running until February 8, the open beta features three different multiplayer maps and three game modes. EA also notes that players using systems with 4GB of ...read more
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Just a friendly reminder for those planning on pre-ordering GTA 5 for PC: the free game and $1 million $GTA incentive ends on February 1, which is this Sunday. As previously reported, those who pre-order will be handed $500,000 in-game cash for GTA 5 and and $500,000 for GTA Online. Pre-order by February 1, and a bonus $300,000 will also be added to GTA Online, and their choice of the ...read more
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Publisher Bohemia Interactive has revealed that DayZ, the cult-hit, open-world zombie survival game, has attracted more than three million sales since its debut on Steam's Early Access platform. DayZ arrives at this milestone only a year after reaching Early Access. Despite pragmatic warnings from DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall that the Early Access version of DayZ is incomplete, the game was ...read more
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Wing Commander, and more recently Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts recently delivered his BAFTA Masterclass presentation in Los Angeles and via Twitch, revealing target launch dates for each phase of the game. As reported by Polygon, the beta programs for the game's first-person shooter and planetside components are due this spring, followed by arena commander 2.0 ships in summer. Additionally, ...read more
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Humble Bundle has a new promotion on deck: digital card games. From Mjoang's newest (and previously most litigious) Scrolls to the granddaddy of deck-builders Dominion, the Humble Card Game Bundle has plenty to offer those looking for a reprieve from that pesky Hearthstone addiction. The "pay what you want" portion of the bundle includes copies of Scrolls (PC, Mac), SolForge: Dino Starter Deck ...read more
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