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It’s taken nearly three years, but League of Legends has finally been dethroned as the hottest spectator sport in gaming. As anyone who’s ever browsed Twitch’s most popular channels can tell, in the streaming world, League of Legends is king. It’s consistently been the most-watched, most-streamed game, holding the number one spot for as long as tracking sites like Gamoloco have been ...read more
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If you’ve managed to miss one of the many (many) discounts that the Steam Link and Steam Controller have seen over the past few months, someone out there is on your side – they’re back down to their reduced prices once more for another limited-time discount. This means that over in the UK, you’ll be able to pick up a Steam Link for only £11.99 while the Steam Controller will run you ...read more
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Steam review-bombing is becoming a more and more common tool deployed by Steam users to show and voice their discontent. For those unfamiliar with the practice, it’s quite simple: large groups of Steam users all at once give bad reviews for a game, often amidst a controversial decision made by said game’s developer or publisher. In turn, this lowers the game’s average review score on Steam. ...read more
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Yesterday, Steam revealed this week’s Midweek Madness Sale; players can save up to 85% off on CD Projekt’s The Witcher series. This sale offers various content ranging from full games in The Witcher trilogy as well as DLC expansions and conclude on Friday, September 1st. Several highlights featured in the sale include The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut for $1.49. An improved ...read more
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The headset that kicked off a whole wave of VR businesses and corporation competition, the Oculus Rift, is down to its lowest price since launch, at least in the UK and US territories. You can currently order an Oculus Rift and Touch bundle for £399 in the UK or $399 in the US and, questionable currency conversion aside, that’s the lowest price this bundle has been in either of these areas. ...read more
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Microsoft has said it’s ready to have a “conversation” with any development team that wants to feature crossplay support on consoles and PC. Mike Ybarra, vice president of Xbox, told VG247 that it’s happy to talk to the likes of Valve and Nintendo when it comes to getting multiplayer games working across multiple platforms, not just between Xbox One and Windows. “It’s more about ...read more
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been topping every Steam chart possible, but not all players are new to the shooter genre. For many of them, playing Battlegrounds is actually taking away from their time with other popular shooters on Steam, the kind of which they used to play so much of before Battlegrounds launched. Case in point: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. According to data ...read more
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Humble Bundle is delivering yet another strong bundle of cheap games. The Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 is currently offering 7 games at its top tier, with more to come (buy now, of course, and you’ll get the unannounced titles too). For $1 you can nab yourself The Flame in the Flood, Infested Planet, and Human Fall Flat. The Flame in the Flood is probably the highlight here – it’s a neat ...read more
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If you’re playing the PC beta of Destiny 2, that was made available to everyone today, you don’t need to worry anymore about missing the sneak preview of the game’s new social space named “The Farm“that console players got back in July. Today Bungie announced on Twitter that PC gamers will also get their little sneak peek tomorrow, from 5:00 PM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT. Like the first ...read more
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The Destiny 2 beta is here – and so, remarkably, is everything you need to know to get cracking with it. Destiny 2 is almost here, but before we can all go gangbusters on it there’s one more round of beta testing – for the PC crowd, this time. We’ve got all the details you need to ensure you have a smooth experience with Destiny 2 PC beta – system requirements, controls, capture ...read more
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