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A new patent has been published by Sony Interactive Entertainment that appears to suggest a new mobile-style controller is in the works, could a new handheld PlayStation device be on the way? The likelihood of a new PSP or PSVita being in the works is probably slim, but Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan has previously stated that the company will be bringing some first-party titles to mobile devices by more
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Host and creator of The Game Awards Geoff Keighley has claimed that the December 9 show will feature a world premiere that he has “been working on with a developer for 2.5 years.” In a tweet published on Sunday, Keighley said that he visited the developer in the Summer of 2019 and that this was the last time he visited studios around the world. While last year’s show was not filmed in more
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Spotify is testing a new style of discovering music, which resembles the style of TikTok or Instagram Reels. Called "Discover", users can swipe through a music feed that could even include short videos. Users can also interact with them such as adding them to Liked songs or visiting the album. The videos that are displayed on the feed are part of the Canvas feature that features short video more
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Video games are big business right now. The industry has generated $82 billion of revenue through hardware sales alone in 2021, and a new report forecasts that number will increase to $135 billion by 2026. What makes that already unfathomable number even more impressive is that it doesn't even include mobile gaming, a branch of the industry that might well generate more money than any more
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The Game Awards has emerged to be one of the biggest single events in gaming, with views that dwarf almost every other major one in the industry. It’s become the last big marketing time with tons of reveals and trailers, and this year promises to be much the same. It also seems there will an audio companion piece this year as well via Spotify. As announced by Spotify, they will be an more
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The global semiconductor shortage has been a major headache for the entire tech industry for well over a year at this point, and that has, of course, applies to the games industry as well. Manufacturing has been unexpectedly complicated for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, as well as the likes of AMD and Nvidia in the PC space, and with it looking likely that supplies for the Switch, the PS5, and more
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Back in June 2020, Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch with no explanation and no warning. At the time of the ban, Dr Disrespect was one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world and just earlier in the year Twitch paid a lot of money to lock him down. To this day, we still don't know why Dr Disrespect was banned, but this August he revealed that he's suing the Amazon-owned platform over the more
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An iPhone modified to charge and transfer data over USB-C would be a dream come true for some, and the world's first managed to prove the demand for such a device in a heated auction that ended in a massive increase over the price of an unmodified device. However, Apple's controlling approach to its products means it comes with a major catch. Apple devices have a long history of requiring more
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Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has denied Apple's request for a stay of the injunction ordering it to let app developers link to non-Apple payment options. The company has 90 days from the verdict to comply. As part of the Epic v Apple case that went to court this year, Apple was found to be in violation of California's Unfair Competition Law. A permanent injunction declared that, "Apple Inc. more
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In March, YouTube made a controversial announcement, confirming that it would be making changes to how the Dislike button would work in the near future. Users would still be able to click the Dislike button, but the total number of dislikes would no longer be displayed. YouTube said the change was planned to discourage harassment and Dislike attacks, but YouTube users worried it'd protect scams, more
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