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Mere hours after implementing a new payment system on the iOS and Android version of Fortnite that would circumvent certain fees, Epic Games has found its mega-popular game kicked off of one of the world’s largest gaming platforms. In a message given to The Verge, Apple announced today that it has officially removed Fortnite from the iOS App Store following Epic’s new monetization scheme. more
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Amazon announced that it has launched Prime Gaming, a new version of its already existing gaming benefits that joins the likes of Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Prime Reading as a new top-line benefit. Previously, the benefits now included as part of Prime Gaming were under the Twitch Prime umbrella, and for those folks that have been partaking since Twitch Prime first launched in 2016, not much more
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Over a two-week period, a teenage Twitch viewer sent $19,870.94 to various streamers using his mother's debit card. Fortunately, it appears that most of the money has been recuperated by the woman. After struggling to find anyone at Twitch willing to discuss the issue, the woman was able to recover what amounted to years of savings by contacting the payment company Xsolla. In exchange, her debit more
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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is returning to Twitch to stream on the Amazon-owned platform, the streamer announced on Tuesday. Shroud shared his announcement via his personal social media account with a dramatic video like we’ve typically seen now whenever the big-name streamers make their moves to and from platforms. He originally streamed on Twitch up until October 2019 when he signed with more
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Ninja is back on Twitch, but Amazon’s platform may not be his ultimate destination. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins livestreamed on Twitch overnight, pulling in over 100,000 concurrent viewers at one point. Though some took this to mean that Ninja has returned to his former home on Twitch, this may not actually be the case. Just like Ninja hosted an impromptu livestream on Youtube in July, last more
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Earlier this week, Microsoft finally announced that cloud gaming, based on the Project xCloud technology, will be launching as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15, but seemingly only for users on Android. Shortly after the announcement, it was discovered that the preview program on iOS devices was shutting down earlier than expected, and Microsoft hadn't mentioned iOS support more
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In their latest push to bring players to their ecosystem, Microsoft has announced that they're partnering up with Samsung to bring xCloud to their phones and tablets. Microsoft and Xbox have been pushing hard to bring in new players to their ecosystem recently. From bringing Game Pass to the cloud with xCloud in September to supporting their competitors’ controllers on xCloud, it would be an more
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Dr. Disrespect's return to streaming found over 500,000 viewers watching at a single point, making it one of the biggest streams ever. After over a month of being away from streaming altogether after being banned from Twitch, Dr. Disrespect made his return today on YouTube and answered some of the lingering questions that have been hanging in the air. Within the opening 20-minutes of the more
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Put a coat of Xbox paint on your mobile gaming accessories with this new line of products Xbox is now advancing its presence in the mobile games field with a new line of mobile gaming accessories designed to bring Xbox-quality gameplay wherever you go. This new line of products does have one caveat though. They are all designed with cloud gaming in mind – specifically the massive library more
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Dr Disrespect is now streaming on YouTube and fans are more than a little bit confused about what’s going on. Earlier today, the popular streamer heralded his return on Instagram Live and people all over the Internet were trying to decipher what it could all really mean. There has been tons of speculation what the next move for Dr. Disrespect could be and YouTube was whispered about as a more
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