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Nintendo's had quite the start this year, president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed during a recent CNBC interview (that you can watch after the break). Both the Wii and DS are performing exceedingly well in 2010, Fils-Aime reported -- a level of success we're certain Nintendo isn't familiar with. "In the last four months, consumers have bought over five million Wii consoles," Fils-Aime boasted. He more
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As predicted by analysts late last year, Nintendo is forecasting a drop in annual profits for the first time since the Nintendo DS's 2004 introduction. It's not a loss, just a reduction in profits -- Nintendo is still forecasting profits of ¥230 billion ($2.43 billion), compared to fiscal 2009's ¥279.1 billion ($2.95 billion). The AP's Yuri Kageyama notes that the Wii price drop, as well as more
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This week on the Nintendo Channel, the usual Nintendo Week program does something a bit different and covers the Monster Hunter Tri launch at New York City's Nintendo World Store. Director Kaname Fujioka and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto were on hand to chat and sign posters and attendees could even throw down in a tournament. If the video on the Nintendo Channel is any indication, the event was a more
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THQ and Syfy aren't just making De Blob into a cartoon and Red Faction into a TV movie -- they also announced that they'll turn the TV show Ghost Hunters Academy into a game. In the new iPhone/iPad/DS game, players will "try out" for a position on the show's team of paranormal investigators, visiting haunted buildings throughout the country and searching for ghosts. While no details have been more
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As promised, last year's best-selling PC franchise is finally coming to consoles, and just in time for the holiday season. EA has announced that The Sims 3 is in development for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS, with all versions planned for fall release. The console versions promise "all-new" features, like "Karma Powers" that determine whether your Sim can "get lucky" or, on the other end of the more
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There was a time, back in the late '90s, when geeks and doe-eyed adolescents would accept anything from Japan with open arms. It was a time when DragonBall Z, Final Fantasy and Hello Kitty were in their prime, and a time when Japan-crazy teens would pay top-dollar for Pocky, just so that they could experience a sliver of the culture. Times have changed, and "Big in Japan" is not the game-selling more
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Hideki Kamiya is both thrilled about the Star Fox series and confused about how gunpoint demands work. In response to a statement from Shigeru Miyamoto indicating interest in a Wii Star Fox game, Kamiya expressed his own interest in a rather extreme manner. "I want Nintendo's staff to come to Platinum, stick guns at us and tell us 'You guys make a new Star Fox,'" he said on Twitter. Why would more
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We've showcased quite a few portable N64 creations on this here corner of the internet, but the "64 Boy" (pictured above) may very well be the most compact mod we've seen yet -- the world's smallest, according to its maker. The handheld also features support for connecting up to 4 controllers, in case you're jonesing for some GoldenEye multiplayer on the road and don't mind squinting.
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Nintendo's partnership with McDonald's in Japan has been extended to help train the restaurant chain's employees in the finer details of fast food assembly. Bloomberg visited McDonald's training center in Japan to get some hands-on time with the training simulation (video embedded after the break), discovering that the golden arches-branded DSis will be distributed to McDonald's all over the more
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Was it something we said? No sooner does Nintendo close the book on the two-year-old Anascape suit than does the prolific peripheral manufacturer get slapped with another legal challenge. Gamasutra has obtained documentation of a lawsuit filed against Nintendo, on April 2, by exergaming company InterAction Laboratories, a.k.a. IA Labs, a.k.a. Powergrid Fitness, for alleged patent more
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