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Today, ahead of the big reveal in a couple of days, The Last of Us Part II's PS4 release date was leaked via a Swiss retailer who went live with its updated listing for the game too early. More specifically, Swiss retailer Softridge has seemingly revealed that the highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive from Uncharted developers Naughty Dog will release on February 28, 2020. As you may know, there's more
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Borderlands 3 is getting its first event soon when the Bloody Harvest kicks off in October. The Halloween-themed event will introduce a bunch of spooky enemies to the game like the Rakk-O-Lanaterns and a boss fight against a new variant of a boss you will have already encountered once you get a decent ways into the game. A bunch of new cosmetics will be added as well for each of the Vault Hunters more
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According to a new report, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not one, but two PlayStation 5 models in the pipeline: a base PS5 and a PS5 Pro. Further, the report alleges that the two models will release alongside each other. At the moment of publishing, Sony hasn't disclosed a release date or a release window for its next-gen PlayStation console, however, it's presumably arriving during the same more
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Rumors indicate that we'll find out when The Last of Us Part II will be releasing during this stream. Following the announcement of a new State of Play livestream slated for next Tuesday, today, it was confirmed that Naughty Dog’s upcoming title The Last of Us Part II will indeed be appearing during the presentation. As shared by the game’s director Neil Druckmann today on Twitter, he more
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out in the wild right now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One via the current and ongoing beta that is live across all three platforms. And for Infinity Ward, this is causing issues, or, more specifically, PC players getting their hands on the games and its files early, is causing the developer problems. Why? Because, well PC dataminers are leaking information found within more
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NPD predicts that Activision and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare revival will top the charts come the end of the year. Each year’s annualized entry in the Call of Duty series typically finds its way near the top of the year-end gaming sales charts. Once again in 2019, it’s expected that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will continue this trend and will likely be the top-seller of more
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Reef Entertainment is set to release Terminator Resistance in November for those in Europe and December for North America. For one reason or another, the Terminator franchise has been all the rage in the video game space this year. First, we had Sarah Connor and the T-800 make their way as guest characters into Gears 5 and soon we’ll have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s version of the T-800 model more
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Minecraft is getting a character creator. Mojang has revealed in a recent developer stream an exciting new addition to Minecraft: a character creator. The game’s latest beta build (, available now on Windows 10, Xbox One and Android has the creator up and running. The character creator works as you’d expect, offering different skin tones, body types, eight and hairstyles to more
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Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed what the Apex Legends community has been suspecting for some time now: Crypto will be the next Legend added to the game. An official announcement for Season 3 of the battle royale game confirmed that Crypto will be releasing soon and showed off the best look at the character we’ve gotten yet. We still don’t yet know what all he’ll be capable of, more
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Today, Gearbox released a new Borderlands 3 update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that features a pretty big nerf to loot in the game. More specifically, the developer has released a new hotfix with a variety of balance changes and bug fixes, but the most notable thing the hotfix brings is a nerf to the loot in Mayhem Mode. As you may know, top-quality loot drops often in Mayhem Mode, in fact, it's more
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