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As promised, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been updated to v1.11, which adds a slew of new features and by fixes. Even though it feels like its been a while since Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s last major update, fans don’t have to wait any longer. Right on time, developer Treyarch released a brand new patch for the first-person shooter, update 1.11, and boy oh boy does it pack in a ton of more
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Epic Games’ latest update is now live for Fortnite. It brings back Glider Redeploy but as an item with limited uses. A new weapon, the Scoped Revolver, has also been added to Battle Royale while a new limited time mode, One Shot, is also available. So what exactly has changed about Glider Redeploy? Firstly, you don’t need to select the item in order to activate it. Just shop off from the more
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The BioWare staff has been actively answering queries and questions from fans about the upcoming Anthem on social media for months now- just recently, we’ve learned some important things about the game this way, such as the fact that progress from the upcoming demo won’t carry over into the full game, or confirmation that the game won’t have any loot boxes. The game’s lead producer Ben more
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The Italian Antitrust has fined Sony an amount of €2 million for conducting in unfair business practices for the sales of PlayStation 4 consoles in Europe, which they’ve been given thirty days to pay. The fine pertains to the lack of clear information on PS4 boxes about PlayStation Plus subscriptions being required to access online play for all PS4 titles. As per the Italian Antitrust, this more
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EA DICE’s patch notes for the next big Battlefield V update have been revealed along with a trailer which previews what’s included in the next chapter and in the coming months. “Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes” is the second chapter of Battlefield V content that kicks off this week on January 17th, and with it comes new weapons and game modes. Not all of those will be available right away more
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Some Battlefield V players who’ve already hit the max Career Rank have been missing out on Company Coin, but DICE said it plans on compensating those players retroactively for their lost currency. Since the game’s launch, players who hit the max rank of 50 haven’t been able to keep earning Company Coin, the resource used to purchase different items in-game. EA DICE said it’s been more
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As if Hitman 2 wasn’t enough to fulfill your target-squashing intent, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive just launched a twin-pack of assassination goodness for Hitman fans to enjoy. Initially revealed this past week, Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, giving fans a chance to rediscover two of the best games in the series in more
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In case you missed the news last week, Activision and Bungie’s partnership is no more, as the publisher has departed from its long-time team-up, allowing the developer to keep the rights to its Destiny franchise. As a result, this news was met with thunderous cheers from the community. And, apparently, they aren’t the only ones excited by the news. Kotaku’s UK division recently posted a more
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BioWare is assuring fans once again that it has no plans to add loot boxes to Anthem. In a bit of a heated exchange on Twitter, Anthem lead producer Michael Gamble reiterated earlier promises that the game will not have loot boxes. Gamble took to Twitter to reveal that Anthem demo players will receive 100 Coin – an in-game currency – to freely spend on cosmetic items and such so that more
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Over a million players have jumped into Resident Evil 2's "1-shot" demo; only a few have actually been able to complete it in time. There’s no doubt Resident Evil fans around the world are excited to get their hands on the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2. With the recently released “1-shot” demo, Capcom announced that over a million players have dived into the demo and around 28 percent more
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