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Would you spend $46,000 on Gran Turismo Sport? Because someone did. This insanely expensive collector’s edition of Sony’s recently released racing game (which was only offered in Taiwan) not only came bundled with a PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB system, PlayStation VR headset, racing wheel and racing seat, and 4K TV, but it also came with a 2018 Mazda MX-5. And no, not an in-game unlock for the more
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Destiny 2 players are just beginning a new week of resets and bonus content, including the ending of Iron Banner and the launch of the Prestige Leviathan. While the harder version of the sequel’s raid experienced a release delay due to an exploit, one event’s issue that has been around for a few weeks still hasn’t been addressed. Players taking on the Prestige Nightfall Strike might still more
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Gran Turismo pioneered the serious racing simulator on consoles when it launched on PlayStation back in 1997, but these days it’s hardly alone in the field. With the advent of Forza and a host of other also-rans, there’s a real need to differentiate, and developer Polyphony Digital is finally trying its hand at just that. Gran Turismo Sport isn’t just a real driving simulator, it’s a more
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The Call of Duty WW2 leaks just keep coming. Last week we got pretty much all the details on Nazi Zombies mode, loot crates and the name of every multiplayer map. This week it’s the turn of customisable weapons. In-keeping with the World War 2 era, gun customisation will feature “sweethearts” – likenesses of loved ones and pin-ups etched into gun stocks – as well as engravings, more
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Developer Qwertyoruiop has been the only source of hope on the PS4 scene for quite a while, although the hope has been fading away, after months without a PS4 Jailbreak release in sight. Qwertyoruiop directly contributed years ago to the PS4 1.76 Jailbreak (to date the only publicly hackable PS4 firmware), but he also said 6 months ago that he had a fully weaponized exploit for firmware 4.55. more
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Prison of Elders will not be making its return to Destiny 2. Not yet, anyway. After a few days of rampant rumors, a member of the Bungie community team chimed in on the Destiny sub-Reddit, saying: "No current plans to bring PoE to D2. This is just some leftover bits. Pardon our dust. Just dust and echoes." The "leftover bits" he's referring to is code. Chunks of code pointed to an icon and more
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The recent Star Wars Battlefront II beta stirred up a fair bit of ire for the shooter’s loot box system, not helped by the recent discovery that the loot boxes can be acquired through a currency purchased with real money. With the final conclusion of the beta, publisher Electronic Arts made an effort to save face by explaining why the loot box system isn’t as bad as it seems. A blog post more
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Just like with any MMO, there are going to be glitches, exploits, and funny little hiccups along the way. While some glitches may be a frustrating mess, others you just can't help to laugh at. Such is the case with an interesting little bug that Destiny 2 players are finding with certain emotes. One emote in particular many are finding lets players glitch through almost any in-game wall - it's more
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Last week we reported that a user on Reddit had delved into the game files of the currently ongoing Call of Duty: WWII PC beta, and had leaked information about maps, modes, zombie mode perks and more. This week, we’ve got more of the same- another similar post has popped up on Reddit, and this time, based once again on the game files from the game’s PC beta, we have details about a lot of more
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While we reported on a massive Call of Duty: WWII Zombies mode leak a week ago that detailed the weapons, features and more, there seems to be another COD: WWII Zombies mode info leak, and this one might be bordering on spoiler territory. YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution posted a video where it talks about the said new Zombie mode info which was obtained by digging through the PC beta more
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