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We’ve been talking about NetherRealm Studios working on a new fighting project for what seems like ages. The team wrapped up their work on Injustice 2’s downloadable content earlier in the year, so that totally means they’re working on a new Mortal Kombat, right? Well, an interesting new tweet indicates that we’re getting one, and maybe sooner rather than later when it comes to the more
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It’s PlayStation 4’s fifth anniversary and Sony has marked the occasion by listing some interesting stats. Stats listed by Sony for the fifth anniversary of PlayStation 4 include the top five best-selling games, the most popular DualShock 4 color, and by reiterating the system has shipped over 86.1 million units life-to-date. You can look over the stats listed in the infographic below, more
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The last piece of news we received regarding Days Gone told us that the game had been delayed later into 2019, but now, we’ve received a new, albeit tiny, piece of info. The box art for Days Gone recently appeared on retail sites and shows the finalized design that you’ll see on your own copy of the game, assuming you pick it up physically upon release. The art features Days Gone’s main more
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Square Enix has released a new trailer for its upcoming third person shooter, Left Alive, choosing to focus this time on some of the game’s narrative elements, with emphasis being on introducing and detailing some of the characters who’ll be the main players in the title’s story. From the protagonists to the bad guys to others whose allegiances don’t seem all that clear right now, a more
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The past two updates for Polyphony Digital’s racing sim have brought about significant additions with each of them bringing new cars, while updates prior to that also added new tracks to the game. The latest update for the game, though, labeled version 1.30, is much smaller in comparison. Update 1.30 mostly fixes some issues that players had been facing in the game’s Sport Mode. More more
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In a move unseen by Sony during the entire existence of E3, PlayStation will be skipping the expo, citing a desire for alternative means to share their software in 2019. The news comes not long after Sony confirmed that the company was also eschewing a PlayStation Experience event this year. The initial report comes from Variety and is corroborated by Game Informer, who includes a statement more
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Jump Force takes manga characters across different brands and drops them all into real-world locations like New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, but English voices won’t be a part of the formula with there being no plans to give the game an English dub. Speaking to Bandai Namco about the English dub situation, AltChar asked whether or not it would be possible for players to hear the more
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We already know that Sony has a number of retail deals coming for Black Friday next week, including a $200 Spider-Man PS4 Slim bundle; a $200 PlayStation VR bundle with two games; and several DualShock 4 controllers for $39.99. However, there’s more where that came from, as the company is gearing up for a huge PlayStation Store sale. From November 16 through November 27, the company will more
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About a month ago, news popped up that EA was considering working on some remasters of the Command & Conquer series to celebrate its upcoming 25th anniversary. Now, we have confirmation that those remasters are officially coming, along with the development team behind the projects. Both the original Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert will be receiving remasters from Petroglyph more
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Fallout 76 has officially been out for just under a day, but disgruntled users are already blasting the game on Metacritic. Unofficially launched for PC players on Tuesday, Fallout 76 is now live for all players across every platform, but the number of user reviews it’s received so far would make you think it’s been out for a much longer period of time. Regardless of whether you look at more
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