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When you stop to think about it, this should be pretty obvious, but it's nice to have it confirmed by Sony all the same. Yes, PS5 players will be able to play with PS4 players thanks to backwards compatibility. If you nab a PS5 at launch but your PS4 friends don't, you'll still be able to enjoy your favourite online titles with them. Again, it's all about this "seamless" next-gen transition that more
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Many developers have come out and spoken of the things that will be made possible with the PS5’s technology, which is something that Sony’s Mark Cerny, lead architect on the console, revealed not too long ago. From its inclusion of an SSD, which Sony says will make loading screens a thing of the past, to even something more basic like enabling backward compatibility with PS4 titles, there’s more
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A new video online shows the PS5 loading times compared to the PS4 Pro. Posted by The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki, a video has emerged online that appears to show what is Sony’s PS5 running Insomniac’s Spider-Man. The video seems to be exactly what was described in Wired’s interview with Mark Cerny, showing the new hardware up against a PS4 Pro. You can check it out for more
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Some may believe that digital gaming is the future, but Sony seems content to stay rooted in tradition: the PS5 Disc Drive has essentially been confirmed. A corporate strategy meeting taking place yesterday detailed the future of Sony’s gaming ecosystem and one of the elements of this presentation highlighted just exactly how they’ll be approaching game distribution for the next generation. more
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Here’s something strange: Codemasters has announced that GRID is releasing in September 2019. No, this isn’t a remaster of the 2008 racer for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Instead, it’s being described as an “all-new experience”. Check out the reveal trailer below courtesy of IGN and see for yourself. GRID is actually a franchise reboot but will have the same gameplay philosophy of more
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Borderlands fans were absolutely delighted earlier this year when it was officially revealed that the next installment was indeed in development and that it is arriving later this year. However, after the unveiling of Borderlands 3, one fan by the name of Trevor Eastman took to Reddit in hopes of reaching Gearbox Software and 2K. Why he was doing this is because he has "been a huge fan of more
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Earlier this month, during the second ever PlayStation-focused State of Play livestream, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix revealed a brand-new Final Fantasy VII Remake teaser trailer. Further, the latter confirmed that the game will be at E3 2019, though in what capacity, wasn't divulged. However, given the fact that this month's trailer was a "teaser," has led many to believe more
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We are halfway through May and the new Call of Duty hasn't been revealed yet. That said, it sure has been leaking and the subject of many rumors and reports, all of which point to the game being Modern Warfare 4. That said, the deeper we get into May without a reveal, the more impatient certain fans get. See, normally the new Call of Duty would have been revealed by now, and while we know this more
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While many fans are counting down the days until this year's E3 in order to (hopefully) receive some more information regarding the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the creator of the original tabletop adventure has been busy talking about inspirations when he was writing the initial installment. Mike Pondsmith recently took to the Cyberpunk subreddit to chime in on one person's post pertaining the more
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Sony and Microsoft have teamed up work on ways to provide better experiences for customers. Cloud and AI technology are two areas that the two will work on jointly as part of the collaboration, but regardless of what the plans are, the fact that the major companies are working together in any capacity considering their competitive positions within the gaming industry is surprising. It was more
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