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The latest install-at-your-own-risk Minecraft update (snapshot "12w34a") is now available over at the official Mojang blog. Once installed, several fundamental changes are made to the way maps and nether portals function. You'll also get some new items, things to make from said items, and probably the coolest creature ever. Dubbed the "Wither Boss," this new baddie is a three-headed floating more
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Netflix recently announced that its people search feature has landed on Xbox 360. The searching method, which is already included in the PS3 Netflix app, includes actors and directors among its search results. It's especially useful if you like having Julia Roberts movie marathons (and really, who doesn't?). People search also works with Kinect, but good luck getting the system to understand "M. more
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The XBLA version of Minecraft received a new skin pack recently, which includes 45 different skins for the game's main character. Among the pack, the second released for the XBLA game, are themed skins from a variety of games, such as Left 4 Dead 2, Castle Crashers, and Gears of War 3. Skin Pack 2 is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 160 MS points.
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Sabu is a name you may have heard mentioned more than a few times, if you're familiar with the internet's hacking fraternity. 'Sabu', or @anonymouSabu as he went on Twitter, was a prominent figure in hacking. Sabu played a role with LulzSec in the summer of 2011, with such notable events as the leaking of governmental information. Sabu is often seen as the founding member of LulzSec, but his more
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Your Xbox 360 could just serve as your hub for 2012 US election season, Microsoft has announced. Beginning August 27, Xbox Live members will be able to access the Election 2012 hub, which promises to include NBC News coverage, information about candidates, daily polls and live coverage of the presidential debates and the Democratic and Republican conventions. Certain events, including the more
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343 Industries has released a list of Halo 4 Achievements you'll need to unlock to boost your Gamerscore. "Our primary goal when creating Halo 4's achievements was to reward milestones and increase replay value while balancing both difficulty and the breadth of game modes," the studio said. "Our secondary goal was to live up to Halo tradition with weird ass names for some of them (hello, The more
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Alan Wake studio is working on a game developed for new hardware Oskari Hakkinen, head of franchise development at Remedy, has said that as yet unannounced consoles the studio's developing for are significantly more capable than existing hardware. Speaking to the German edition of about Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, or whatever Microsoft's and Sony's next gen consoles will be more
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Konami is to release an "improved" PES 2013 demo on consoles next week. Available to download on Xbox 360 on August 28, PS3 on August 29, and PC in September, the publisher says the second taster will allow users to play ten minute matches with eleven fully licensed teams, and the first chance to experience the game's new training trials. "Not only has the balance between offense and defence more
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Battlefield 3 Premium users will be getting an exclusive Double XP weekend staring, well, this weekend. The event runs from August 25 -26, but if you “share” the fact it’s happening via Facebook, DICE will extend the event. So, join the sharing. Start times can be found on the Battelfield Blog along with a list of asset freebies DICE is also handing out to Premium more
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Square Enix won't acknowledge a retail "field destroy" has been ordered for Final Fantasy XIV. Yesterday, a NeoGaf user posted a document alleging the publisher had requested retailers to destroy all remaining inventory of the MMO. Square Enix is currently preparing a full reboot of the game entitled A Realm Reborn. "We haven't announced pricing and launch time for the title yet," a Square more
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