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What's the only thing worse than having two dead team members, an approaching wave of special infected, and a fresh sheen of Boomer puke on your person? Having to suffer all those things while also -- fighting -- server la -- tency issues. Fortunately, that experience has become less common, as Valve recently did a bit dusting around their network infrastructure, reducing lag during bouts of Left more
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The latest trailer for Super Street Fighter IV reveals the newly-announced characters in motion for the first time, leading to some surprising discoveries. For example, Adon sounds like Starscream. That actually kind of makes sense if you imagine Sagat as Megatron and Adon as his annoying sidekick. In addition to the three new new guys, all the other new Super Street Fighter IV characters are more
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In a statement to AU GameSpot, South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson said he plans to appeal Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's MA15+ rating in the region. If successful, the game will be banned in Australia and this would be Atkinson's first time intervening on a rating by the Classification Board. Atkinson explains, "I worry about any game that encourages gamers to perpetrate extreme more
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Nintendo's resident name jotter-downer and kiester-kicker recently divulged to BMO Capital Markets attendees that the Wii is outperforming its rivals when it comes to female gamers. According to its estimates (via Kotaku), 80 percent of the female console gaming crowd prefers Wii over the alternatives. With an estimated 11.7 million female console gamers in the Americas -- it's important to note more
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Though the latest edition of Iwata Asks is technically focused on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the first few pages of the interview go off on a tangent about the overall-clad plumber's roots which you might find interesting. For instance, did you know that Miyamoto's original plan for Donkey Kong was a video game based on Popeye? It's true -- it was only after he was denied the rights to put the more
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Now that Modern Warfare 2 has smashed launch records -- raking in serious cash in the process -- the way is paved for inevitable downloadable content. DLC will likely rake in serious cash of its own, according to Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter, who tells IndustryGamers that DLC could bring in an additional $100-140 million in revenue next year. The figure is based on the DLC attach rate more
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If there's one thing Dragon Ball has, it's a giant, sprawling cast of unique characters. Namco Bandai understands this, so it will be offering new downloadable characters for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast every two weeks from now until April of 2010. Best of all, the downloads will be free. Each pack will include "customized versions of popular characters, each with different powered-up abilities." more
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We can't tell you the number of times we've been packed into the mall during holiday season like angry, sweater-draped sardines and thought "This is great, but what if four people could swing plastic instruments around and warble an off-key version of 'Thunderstruck' just a few feet from us?" Finally, a retailer has stepped up to cater to our needs as Old Navy has announced it'll be putting Rock more
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As promised, both Saints Row 2 and LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventnd. The games are available in almost all regions, though Saints Row 2 is not available in Japan, while LEGO Indy skips both Japan and Mexico. Saints Row 2 is $29.99 in the US and Lego Indy is $19.99. Prices vary by region though, so check before you plunk down those MS Points.
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After being banned from the PlayStation Network for hateful comments stated in Resistance's online community, Erik Estavillo launched not one, but two, lawsuits against Sony for infringing on his "first amendment rights" -- an argument that was shot down by Judge Ronald Whyte simply because "Sony is not part of the government." However, what Estavillo lacks in civil online discourse, he more
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