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How many Call of Duty fans would travel to Los Angeles and pay $150 for a two-day event featuring the first hands-on with Modern Warfare 3, the chance to play real-life paintball based on a Modern Warfare 2 map and other ridiculousness? Activision's betting 6,000 people will. Activision's calling this Call of Duty XP 2011. It takes place on September 2 and 3, within a 12-acre compound in more
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With sports these days being broadcasted in 3D all over, and the tech being pushed in videogames, why isn’t one of the biggest sports game series, FIFA, in 3D yet? For those few who’ve wondered, FIFA 12 lead producer David Rutter has the answer. “If you look at the broadcast of footballon TV in 3D, what you see is the kind of standard camera angle and the 3D realization of it. We can get more
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As the release dates for both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare come closer, the mud-slinging is becoming dirtier with each passing day. This time it’s the co-developer of Modern Warfare 3 kicking wet dust DICE’s way, with the studio’s co-founder and general manager Glen Schofield saying, “I’d be a little scared at this point – in June – if I was looking forward to a particular game more
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While multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA) has been available on both Xbox 360 and PS3 since day one, RAM and bandwidth limitations on the Sony console often meant that early cross-platform games would only feature anti-aliasing on the 360 version. Sony didn’t take this lying down though, and created a new effect – dubbed MLAA – that used five of the PlayStation 3 SPUs to produce far more
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Sony has recently confirmed that they will not be phasing out the 160 GB PS3 console SKU. The company told retailers and distributors that the despite availability issues the console is not being phased out. Because of the regional shortages of the console, many were led to believe that Sony may have a new model in the works that may come in at lower price point with reviews specs. Sony more
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TheTechGame community has been hard at work finding all of the new secrets that lie in the newest zombie installment, “Shangri-La”. From the start, the community has known that Shangri-La would be packed with Easter Eggs galore they’re continuing to fill in the missing pieces step by step. Want to help? Head on over to our Zombie -  Shangri-La board now! to find the latest more
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Having just released the third map pack for Black Ops, Annihilation, Call of Duty developer Treyarch is already hinting at a fourth. The studio’s David Vonderhaar brought the newsworthyness in a chat with UK outlet DigitalSpy: “I can’t talk to anything beyond Annihilation, but keep your eyes peeled,” teased the design director when posed the question of future DLC. That’s the more
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Numerous “reports” have pinned Microsoft revealing a new Xbox at E3 next year already. As if those rumors weren’t enough, here comes another one which, at the end of the day, is revealing about as much as a bikini model in the middle of a snowstorm. According to a source “knowledge of Microsoft’s plans,” Microsoft is supposedly prepping its next-generation console — and has been more
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During a Q&A session at Sony's annual shareholder meeting last night, an investor asked CEO Howard Stringer why he was still there. Okay, it wasn't that abrupt, but according to AV Watch's report of the proceedings, an investor did call for a change of leadership, due to lowered trust and stock prices after the PSN data breach. Stringer responded by saying the question was understandable, and more
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According to UK sales snoops Chart-Track, Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold more copies than any other game in the region. That's, like, in all of history. As of June 25, Black Ops managed to move 3,722,411 copies, besting the previous top place holder, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which set a record with 3,702,410 copies sold. And if we were a betting blog, we'd say that 3.72 million figure more
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