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Recently, David Vonderhaar of Treyarch has been in conversation with Call of Duty fans regarding a fairly controversial topic: Stopping Power and its place as a perk in Call of Duty. The Stopping Power was first introduced in Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as a perk giving players a way to increase their bullet damage. The inclusion of this perk carried over into Treyarch’s more
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The infamous prestige token glitch is coming to an end with the next Modern Warfare 3 patch (1.08), but this particular glitch has raised an interesting debate between the “abusers” and MW3′s creative strategist, Robert Bowling. Robert Bowling believes that a fix is included in “the next title update for MW3″ to rectify the prestige token glitch, but with all the bans that Infinity more
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Mojang mastermind Notch has tweeted that Minecraft has reached the 20 million user milestone, and that if each user weighed 154 pounds, that Minecraft's total player base would equal 25 percent of the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It's an interesting statistic, if somewhat of a stretch, only because it got us thinking about other ways to arbitrarily compartmentalize that sort of more
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Have you ever wanted to try your DJing skills? Well Beamz Interactive have designed something to save you thousands of dollars on turntables and put a whole new twist on the game we currently know as DJing!
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Are you wondering what Microsoft thinks overall about the RGH and hardware modifications overall? So were we! So we made sure to run into a Microsoft representative at CES 2012! It took us a long time to track one down, but once we did we jumped right into the hardware conversation!
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Since reporting on the "FIFA hack" and related security concerns with Xbox Live and the Windows Live ID system, we've received stories, documentation and theories on how this is happening from dozens of victims. As we continue to follow up on several leads, Analoghype posts an interesting theory on how some of these breaches may be occurring. AH suspects that the hackers grab gamertags from a more
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The Stop Online Piracy Act has gotten slightly less objectionable. Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has announced that he's removing the DNS blocking provision -- the most controversial aspect of SOPA -- from the bill. So while it is still possible (and easy) under the bill for someone to request the cutoff of revenue sources for a site, it will no longer be possible more
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Mojang seems to know that, like sharks, developers must continue to move forward at all times, lest they succumb to an early grave. The company's cuboid-smashing smash-hit Minecraft might be enough to allow Notch and crew a break, but rather than rest on their laurels the team at Mojang continues to plow ahead by working concurrently on three unannounced titles. One title is, of course, being more
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Everyone at Bungie thinks SOPA "sucks," according to a new post on its News board. Bungie, formerly of the Halo franchise, joins a growing list of developers and companies opposing SOPA, and urges its audience to take action against the bill. "Bungie is opposed to any legislation that curtails free speech, stifles innovation, and prevents the open sharing of information on the Internet," more
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Following the technical difficulties with the first streaming event for the UFC on Xbox Live app, Microsoft has come up with a consolation. Tomorrow's UFC 142 event will be free for those affected by the outages of UFC 141. All you need to do is sign into the app with the affected Gamertag. It should all work out this time ... we hope. Users affected will also receive a free month of Xbox Live more
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