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Premiering during tonight's Sunday Night football game is this Rolling Stones-infused Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer which proclaims – for once in advertising, not hyperbolically – that it's the "biggest game of 2010." What makes it so big? We could point out the base jumping, the SR-71 Blackbird, or any of the other cinematic touchstones that Treyarch is trotting out for more
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Looks like the handful of folks with early Kinect games who're locked out of Xbox Live won't have too much longer to wait -- Microsoft emailed fall Dashboard preview users last night with the announcement that the forthcoming Xbox Live update will go public on November 1. "On November 1, 2010, there will be a mandatory service update to Xbox Live. This update will both add new features to your more
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Gamers are spending a lot of time on Xbox Live. Microsoft said in a statement Friday that users spend one billion hours on the gaming console each month. That's a significant amount of time, considering there are 25 million Xbox live users out there. The numbers break down to about 30 hours of monthly use per person, which is a lot of time to spend streaming movies on Netflix or playing more
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It's coming up to November 1st people and you know what that means! On November 1st the price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions will rise around the globe! Our advice is to scoop up those cheap subscription cards while you can, There are only a few days left and subscription cards will make great stocking stuffers too! Why are you looking in here for... get out there and buy your cards more
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As we have come to expect Germany has banned yet another shooter from market, this time it's the European version of Call of Duty: Black Ops! Germans will get their own version of the game minus the offensive content which includes a song by the Rolling Stones 'Sympathy for the Devil'. Gamers importing the uncensored copy of Black Ops will find that Steam will only activate localised copies of more
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EA has announced Medal of Honor is not only getting the Clean Sweep DLC on November 2, but another new multiplayer mode called Hot Zone as well. Hot Zone is your basic King of the Hill style gameplay where teams fight over a designated location on a map. The winner is the team which held their position longest.The new mode will be playable across two new maps, Hindukush Pass and Korengal more
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Could this be it? The long-rumored PlayStation Phone appears to have taken a giant leap towards being real, thanks to these incredible pictures sent to Engadget. Although the slide-out D-Pad and PlayStation face buttons make it look very similar to a PSP Go, the Android-loaded device is considerably more powerful, sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip and 512MB of RAM. (The PSP, by comparison, more
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You would think that with the millions of dollars that went into creating this piece of technology, with the first prototype costing Microsoft $30,000 dollars, paying a mere $150 bucks for Kinect would not make anyone any richer, right? As it turns out, it actually will be sold at a profit from the get-go, according to Microsoft’s head of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick. If more
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We’re only two short weeks away from Black Ops hitting shelves on November 9th and today, we’re excited to roll out the first piece in a two week series of articles. Two weeks equates to 14 days, counting today, and in this piece we’re highlighting 14 ways that Black Ops is raising the bar on First-Person Shooter titles and the Call of Duty franchise, itself. Do you see where we’re going more
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Treyarch has deliberately given Call of Duty: Black Ops’ protagonist, Alex Mason, a face and a voice so as to better allow for player empathy.Unlike previous CoD installments, the game’s lead character will be something you should care about. The game’s opening scene features Mason being tortured, with his face and voice playing a prominent role.“It was a very deliberate choice,” Dave more
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