Tonight's episode of the BBC consumer advocacy program Watchdog will scrutinize a phenomenon which a few of you might be familiar with -- the PlayStation 3's "Yellow Light of Death." However, before the episode hit the airwaves, Sony UK Managing Director Ray Maguire issued a six-page response to the Watchdog team, picking apart the program's investigative methods and questioning their more
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While the Forza 3 set is still an unconfirmed listing, there's no denying the Xbox 360 has just upped its storage capacity options with a 250GB HDD bundle clad in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 emblems. Asking price is $399.99 and that includes the game and two black wireless controllers. Joystiq have conjured up some images of the packaging as well as some shakycam footage of the debut more
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According to research carried out by warranty provider SquareTrade, almost a quarter of Microsoft's Xbox 360s fail within two years, leaving it behind the PS3, and the console which proved to be most reliable: the Nintendo Wii. The research was carried out on 16,000 consoles, and all of those were brand new. In addition, failures which were due to accidents were not included.According to the more
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This is an incredibly impressive Mario themed soda display at an unknown gas station in Mysteryville, USA. Sure there are clues in the picture as to where it was actually taken, but do I look like Sherlock Holmes.Anyway, kudos to whoever spent the time and energy to make such a wicked display [via geekologie].
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Apparently the cops were called to Bungie Studios (the makers of Halo) after a pedestrian spotted a person carrying what they believed to be an AK-47. Way to know your guns, moron. A report of a person with an assault weapon walking near Bungie Studios sent a team of police swarming to the Kirkland, Washington studio yesterday afternoon. Kirkland police, contacted today for more more
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This is a picture in the Dallas Cowboys stadium of a giant display that is connected to a computer that (and I'm using my Sherlock Holmes-y powers of deduction here) was improperly shut down. Just a guess. Oh, After their giant screen blocked a punt, you'd figure the owners of the Dallas Cowboys stadium would be extra careful with their massive displays—but it looks like somebody didn't more
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Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo has revealed that 60,750 people attended PAX this year. Because of this great mass of bodies, the show’s organizers are looking into expansion plans for next year so that even more people can come and catch the flu, er um, enjoy the festivities. Attendance for 2008 was 58,500 – leading some to believe that loads of folks stayed home, especially more
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Former Stooges frontman Iggy Pop is bringing his immaculately waxed chest to Lego Rock Band. Well, we guess he’s bringing the rest of himself as well, but come on, look at that. Iggy will be shrinking down and rocking out to his own “The Passenger,” along with whatever else you might want to play. If it’s not “The Passenger,” though, he won’t enjoy more
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Each one is precisely handpainted by Rachelle Williams of ParadoxArtistry, and covered with imagery of all of your favorite Super Mario characters. At $160 smackeroos a pair, they're not cheap, but think about how much two original paintings and a pair of high-tops would cost you and then it doesn't seem that bad. While the pair shown above is a Men's size 11, Rachelle will happily make you more
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Important note for PAX attendees only: Okay, before we get into this, you have to promise us you're not going to panic. Promise? Okay. Some people who attended PAX have been stricken by confirmed cases of swine flu. So, if you were there, and you start feeling sick (like many apparently have), don't freak out, but do go to your doctor right away. There's a list of flights over at more
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