What are you currently paying for your text messaging? Is it 20 or 25 cents or are you one of the millions of users who buy a text messaging package with your phone plan for $5 or more every month? Regardless what you pay, you're over paying. Not that this comes as a surprise to many but the New York Times has divulged in great detail how bad your actually being ripped off. Wireless more
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Guess what! Bungie has finally decided that they would release there rare armor RECON. The only catch is that there is one way to get it and here it is. The only way to get it is you must complete 4 VIDMASTER Challenges and these vidmaster challenges are Achievements. 3 of the 4 Vidmaster Challenges are on Halo 3. Then the final challenge is on there new upcoming game HALO 3: RECON, which comes more
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According to telecom provider Interoute, three of the four underseas sub-cables connecting Asia to North America have been severed for unknown reasons. These cables carry more than 75% of the internet traffic between the America, Europe, and the Middle East. The cut occurred today somewhere in the Mediterranean, between Sicily and Tunisia, though, at present, the reasons for the cut are unknown; more
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Australia has been known to have high levels of censorship. It should come as no surprise to those in the land down under that the government is planning to filter P2P and Bit Torrent traffic in live pilot tests. Senator Conroy went on the record saying "technology that filters peer-to-peer and Bit Torrent traffic does exist and it is anticipated that the effectiveness...... of this will be more
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Google's YouTube has rolled out a high-definition option for video and created new landing pages to make it easier to find popular video categories. The changes are part of a series of improvements Google is making to YouTube as it tries to stay ahead of emerging rivals such as Hulu and deal with the problem of users uploading copyright video. The HD option increases the size of videos more
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Attackers are exploiting the just-patched vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) by hiding malicious ActiveX controls in Microsoft Word documents, a security company said Thursday. "Inside the document is an ActiveX control, and in that control is a line that makes it call out to the site that's hosting the malware," said David Marcus, the director of security research and communications for more
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Facebook has recently hit a milestone when they reached 140 million signed up users. The statistics are quite astounding when you look at them, over 600 thousand users are signing up a day which has grown from the 300 thousand that were signing up in the last quarter and if the growth continues it will mean by March next year Facebook may have over 200 million users. Some other facts that more
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In a list, published by security firm Bit9, of 12 most vulnerable applications for the Windows platform, Firefox finished at the top of the list. The browser has earned the reputation from Mozilla patching 10 vulnerabilities which could be used to gain control, access, or execute miscellaneous code via buffer overflow, malformed URI links, javascript, documents and third party tools. The more
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we have Ghettoman on the tech pit he will be adding his glitchs and mods to our site for you to learn and use you must sign up to access his page Ghettoman is the current world number 1 at call of duty world at war zombie mode with a record of level 2009 on zombie mode people keep sending messages, voice clips and emails on how he did this and we have put this info on our site on the Ghettoman more
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If you are looking to earn some steady money from the internet then YouTube could be the destination for you. The New York Times are running an article about how popular and how profitable YouTube is to the producers. Just over a year ago many of YouTube's power members were asked to join an advert system where the viewer would see an advert above the video description and during the video, more
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