Co-founder and managing director of Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst, has today put the final nail in the coffin regarding Killzone 2's co-op rumour. Speaking with Game Informer via Hulst had this to say: "We looked at all the different flavors of co-op early on, but decided our first priority would have to be the single-player experience and the multiplayer," Hulst informed Game more
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Tamatha Tovar bought her son a late Christmas present over the Easter weekend, a brand new PSP from Wal-Mart in Manatee County, Florida reports myfoxboston. When 6 year old Eliso turned on the PSP for the first time however, the background had been set to a picture of a naked woman. Frightened he would be grounded Eliso ran to his mum crying to show her. Tamatha then found a memory card in the more
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Recently there have been rumours and questions all over the gaming industry surrounding Netflix's partnership with Microsoft and the Xbox 360. Today though Netflix have confirmed the service is exclusive to the console "for now", as news comes via EDGE: "Netflix is always looking for ways to grow the service. For now, Netflix streaming on game consoles is exclusively on the Xbox 360 - and it's more
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What sort of shenanigans have you been up to this time, EA? It seems that during the promotional period for the Godfather II, EA may have sent out brass knuckles to members of the press, somehow forgetting the fact that shipping these is illegal, and illegal in the very state EA is based in. EA contacted Kotaku, stating that the company is currently asking for all of these back so they can be more
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In a study published by Nature Neuroscience, it was revealed that playing video games can improve a person's sensitivity to visual contrasts. The authors of the study write, "The contrast sensitivity function (CSF) is routinely assessed in clinical evaluation of vision and is the primary limiting factor in how well one sees. CSF improvements are typically brought about by correction of the optics more
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If you were one of the many who signed an online petition or joined a group over the distaste of the new Facebook layout; good news has arrived. The Facebook team has announced that they will alter the new layout based on feedback that they have received over the last two weeks. The original goal of the new layout was to offer a similar format to rival twitter. But when a group on Facebook more
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Looks like rumors are flying that Netflix, the online DVD rental & video streaming service, may be coming to the Sony Playstation 3 console. While this may not be surprising to some as the Xbox 360 already has the the service support built into the Xbox 360 since the NXE update, but what may be surprising is the method that they are going to do it. Netflix, will require a special disc that more
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The announcement that Call of Duty will be making its way to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. It is unclear at this time if the game will be a remake of the 2003 classic PC/Mac shooter or a new addition to the series entirely. Nokia mobile users will also have a new game to look forward to, with a listing for a Call of Duty strategy game. Also revealed today making its way to Xbox more
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Earlier tonight Infinity Ward gave gamers the first glimpse of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at the Developer Choice Awards. Activision Blizzard officially announced the game in February earlier this year. Sharp-eyed gamers following Geoff Keighley (GameTrailers) and Robert Bowling (Infinity Ward) on Twitter were teased throughout the day on what was to be announced. Earlier in the day the more
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Today, March 19th, Activision released the initial downloadable content for Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War. The first map pack for the World War II shooter includes three new multiplayer maps and a new Nazi zombie level. Map Pack 1 is available for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with a price tag of 800 Microsoft Points ($9.99). The downloadable content will also be released to PC more
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