We have changed our name from thetechpit to so I ask all members and visitors to change there bookmarks to so you can find us again we are still the same site you know and love just with a new name we are also going to putting up new parts to the site as we are now a gaming and technology community please pass the word on about our name change and we more
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hey guys and girls we have a video and images of the new Nazi Zombie map Asylum click this link to see the youtube video or see our forums for more details the new maps will be coming out for call of duty world at war on March 19th 2009 just to get the date correct for you all pass this youtube link on to your friends to show them the awesomeness we hope more
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It was bound to happen sooner or later but it appears that the iTunes gift card algorithm has been hacked by someone in China. According to Outdustry an iTunes gift card with a face value of $200.00 can be bought for as low as $10.00 with reports that they are selling for as cheap as $2.60. Apple has not officially commented on the matter yet but it seems a change will have to be made to the more
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It seems the legal battles and disputes between companies is going to again have the bloody aftermath trickle down to the consumers. The most recent event is regarding YouTube, and the Performing Right Society (PRS). The news comes from BBC News, and only affects those living in the UK. Starting...
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Rumors are flying that Microsoft may just be killing off it's high-end Xbox 360 model, the Elite. The news comes from FUDZilla, and will reportedly happen sometime during the second quarter of this year. The hardware that the Elite features will apparently be saved only for the Limited Edition Xbox....
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Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4 took three awards at the 2009 British Academy of Film and Television Arts video game ceremony last night, while best-seller Grand Theft Auto IV received no awards, despite several nominations. Call of Duty 4 received awards for Story & Character, Gameplay and the publicly voted GAME Award 2008. Perhaps surprisingly, the Game of the Year award went to more
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Today Microsoft announced that they have signed a deal with NBC Universal to allow their movies to be distributed through Xbox Live Marketplace in Europe. David Gosen from Xbox Europe commented on how this will be a major addition to an already popular entertainment center for gamers and non gamers alike, "This agreement makes the Xbox Live film offering bigger and better than ever. For Xbox, we more
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If you are looking to purchase the DSi and your from Europe then this will be useful news to you, yesterday Nintendo released the launch date in Europe for the hand held console. The great news for Europe is they will get a chance to buy the handheld device before America as the date is 3rd April which is 2 days ahead of the US release which is the 5th. Currently the price has not been revealed more
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A Trojan horse lurking on servers belonging to, a Web site offering eBay auction tools, infected people's PCs last week. The problem became very public when Google's malware warning system kicked in as people tried to browse the site, saying Auctiva was infected with malware. Google will display an interstitial page warning people of certain Web sites known to contain malware. more
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A few days ago we reported that U2's latest album, dubbed No Line on the Horizon, had leaked to the Internet despite huge efforts put in place by Paul McGuinness. After all was said and done, everyone's eyes turned to, a web service that lists your recently played tracks. Techcrunch ran a story stating that, "Last.ft, which is owned by CBS, actually handed the data over to the RIAA." The more
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