Although clearly conceptualised with Kinect in mind, this autumn's redesigned Xbox 360 dashboard update will improve the experience for regular controller users too, Microsoft has said. That's according to Xbox Live's senior director Jose Pinero, who told CVG in a recent interview the new backend is a "happy medium" of motion sensor and controller functionality. Asked if the new Dashboard will more
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What would happen if you stuffed Super Mario Bros and Portal into one indie game? Well, Mari0, obviously. Mari0 is a free game in development now (release date: don’t ask) which blends the two games. “The primary maps will have a story and some portaly puzzles,” say Stabyourself, an indie developer made up of Maurice Guégan and Sašo Smolej. The game will include all the SMB levels, more
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Having previously downplayed the significance of 3D visuals in the games market, Microsoft has announced further first-party support for the tech. CVG reports that the platform holder showed off a 3D build of upcoming Xbox remake Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary at Gamescom the week before last. 3D support had already been rumoured. "If you've got the technology you definitely want to take more
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The game’s just shy of 20 days from release but it already looks like Gears of War 3 is primed for success; Microsoft has confirmed a staggering 1.3 million pre-orders have been made for the game. That’s just a bit bigger than the million recorded after the beta ended in May, but still an improvement. Marcus and co’s latest has already been crowned fastest ever pre-selling 360 exclusive, more
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Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach has told VG247 that, while the shooter’s PC version is graphically “better” than its console siblings, gamers should stop worrying about the console editions. Bach was responding to a question about whether or not the 360 version will be playable at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo. While Bach wasn’t sure which version would be shown, he more
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have little competition when it launches on Steam this fall. Its major competitor, EA's Battlefield 3, has decided to launch without offering on the service, and Valve has recently revealed the details for PC players of Modern Warfare 3 on Steam. According to Valve's recent press release, Modern Warfare 3 will be utilizing Steamworks, and is available for more
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Think you’re a big Call of Duty fan? Not as big as the guy who allegedly broke into the Call of Duty XP convention a few days early. The fan snuck into Call of Duty XP, and saw a few people demoing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He took a few photos, but all the information was on his video which YouTube has taken down. The video showed 13 multi-player maps: Carbon, Coast, Dome, Exchange, more
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We've all seen how expansive The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be. With dozens of races, infinite places to go and hundreds of hours of gameplay within the epic title, we all wondered how many discs the console version of Skyrim would have. The answer is one. Bethesda's Matt Grandstaff confirmed, “There will only be one disc for Skyrim.” For the particular quote he was referring to the Xbox more
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It turns out that Walmart's "rollback" of the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle, dropping it to $249 ($50 off its current price), was an error. A notice posted by Walmart acknowledges "the price was mistakenly labeled as a rollback," a term the retailer uses for permanent price drops. The silver lining here is that Walmart will honor the $249 price at retail until Monday, September 5, or while more
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You might know the name "Switchblade" as the tiny, currently concept-only laptop by Razer. However, it's also the first in Evil Controllers and AbleGamers' "Adroit" line of controllers designed for easy accessibility for players with disabilities. The Switchblade is basically a big black box, with 19 ports to which sticks, buttons, rumble packs, and other attachments can be placed in any more
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