Television viewers could find themselves able to watch movies in three dimensions as soon as 2010, as television manufacturers showed off a variety of three dimensional prototypes at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. At the show, Panasonic Corp. demonstrated a plasma screen that could display animated movies and footage from the Olympics in high-definition 3-D. The more
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Hey people over this week we are going to be adding new downloads to the site in 2008 our members burned a whopping 247gb's of bandwith and this year we will beat that today 33 new downloads were added in to Games, and Multimedia Categories so be sure to check them out as allways if there is anything you want drop a message on the forum and we will put it up for everyone.
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Microsoft has released the figures for its console to date, topping the sales charts at 28 million units worldwide, in just over 3 years. Microsoft's Xbox360 is the best selling high definition console to date. Microsoft also had another release of good news, with its console selling 8 million units in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, doubling last year's total number of sales, for more
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"In terms of console usage, the aging PS2 still leads the competition, according to data from US research firm Nielsen. Data the company compiled between January and October 2008 shows that the PS2 commanded 31.7 percent of the total number of minutes spent playing consoles. Only 37.9 percent of play time took place on current-gen systems, with the Xbox 360 (17.2 percent) leading the Wii (13.4 more
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To the outrage of civil liberties groups and the government opposition, the UK Home Office has begun permitting police and MI5 officers to hack ("remote search") people's computers without their knowledge and without a court warrant. Information gleaned can then be shared with other European forces, in line with a shift in EU policy. The goal, as with all such moves, is to track down terrorists, more
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By the end of 2009 anyone with a Nintendo Wii and an Internet connection will be able to see the new Wii television channel which will be called "Wiinoma". The channel will feature a whole range of programmes for all ages and all walks of life including cartoons, training programs and even the occasional lifestyle program. Best of all they will be solely produced for Nintendo so you won't have more
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The Internet domain game has been going strong for over 20 years. Have you ever thought back and wondered what some of the first domain registrations were? Surprisingly the first domain name ever registered was Below you will find the list of the first 100 domain names registered. If only you were able to predict at that time how vast the internet would expand you could have more
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To this date, the iPhone has only been offered by mobile service giant AT&T (In the U.S.). That has been the biggest down-side to many people interested in purchasing the device. In most rural areas, AT&T simply doesn't offer 3G speeds which defeats the main emphasis of the iPhone. Whilst we were all out spending the last few moments of 2008 with our friends and family, a hacker group calling more
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Fudzilla is reporting that Microsoft is preparing to lay off 17% of its staff by 15th January. Microsoft currently employs just over 90,000 people across the world and according to an internal source that spoke to Fudzilla, 15,000 of those are expected to be giving marching orders come January 15th. If you do the math that's almost 17 percent of Microsoft's total work force, a pretty big more
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The ringleaders of what Microsoft have described as "the world's largest software counterfeiting syndicate" have been jailed by the Futian People's Court in Shenzhen, China. Sentences of up to six and a half years were handed to the 11 software pirates, some of the longest sentences ever given in China for a crime of this nature. It is estimated that $2 billion worth of fake Microsoft software more
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