The earthquake that rocked Japan a few days ago keeps causing damage to the game industry. This time, graver than game delays. People trying to connect to Sony’s PlayStation Network may have problems in doing so. It is at this moment unclear what the issue(s) is/are as Sony has not given any details on the matter. Furthermore, the company’s PlayStation information call center and repair more
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According to third party reports, Mathieulh has revealed that he already has code running on PS3 firmware v3.60. His revelation comes as a direct response to being taunted by others in the community. He reportedly noted - "while you are insulting me like morons, I already have code running on 3.60, and I am laughing, and guess what ? I am happy I stopped sharing, you can hate me for it, I don’t more
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EA has strongly hinted that Nintendo is working on a Wii 2. Frank Gibeau of EA noted that the Wii is coming 'back with a second act'. His comments reinforced that Nintendo themselves are very self aware and really recognize the need to produce something further with regards to the Wii.
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Sony has teamed up with Edge and Schick to provide a novel way to attract DLC fans. They will be producing on-pack codes for various PS3 DLC including: Killzone 3 retro map pack, 'edge special' Camaro SS for GT 5 and a special 'sniper blast' for InFamous 2. Interesting promotion. The special edition packs are now shipping to various retailers.
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Alright, so we have the first ever 3DS commercials for the UK and US regions. They are both available to view in the post below. So if you're interested in seeing these commercials then keep reading.
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During a panel at this past weekend's South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Rovio exec Peter Vesterbacka told attendees that the company's bird-flinging pig terrorizer, Angry Birds, has been downloaded over 100 million times. As Vesterbacka revealed during GDC, more than 30 million of those downloads have been of the game's freemium Android version, and both the lite and paid more
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Konami are suspending their servers for Metal Gear Online following requests to conserve electricity from Japanese power companies. Requests were made after the tragic earthquake that occured in the country last week, leaving it with potential energy shortages. MGO has been suspended for a short time to help with this issue. We don’t know if this will affect the game across the planet, nor more
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Amazing how influential game review can be to a company. Fresh on the back of a 75% Metacritic rating for HomeFront, shares in THQ took a 9% fall on NASDAQ. An analyst commented that this is a disaster for THQ and typically you need a Metacritic score of 80% to do well in the business.
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Sony's Ray Maguire has revealed that online will be a very big part of the PS4. However, he wasn't sure in exactly what direction the PS4 would be heading in. He noted that where Sony goes after the PS3 will be 'interesting' but noted it's far too early to comment on these sorts of things as there are many more years left in the PS3.
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Kept in a glass case for more than four years, an original model Nintendo DS bearing the autographs of some of Nintendo's key players (and two literal key players) is being auctioned off by its owner to raise money for the Red Cross disaster relief effort in Japan. The red Mario Kart DS promotional system is signed by Mario's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, along with composer Koji Kondo, Zelda more
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