As if you needed any more evidence that Activision and Treyarch only care about the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, this has sealed it. The PlayStation 3 version recently got a much-needed patch, with the added side-effect of this Xbox Live Party Chat message. The message helpfully warns PS3 users that Xbox Live Party Chat is not able to be used in the "Search and Destroy" more
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Ascension – the new Zombie map that is included with the upcoming First Strike map pack – is set to include a couple new weapons, perks and enemies when it lands on February 1st. Ascension is set in a abandoned Soviet cosmodrome and has you playing as one of the regular cast of characters (Takeo, Nikoli, Dempsey, and Rictoffen). While playing the new Zombie map you will have the more
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Gamers’ Voice, a UK consumer’s group is going after Call of Duty: Black Ops in a bid to fix the numerous bugs found in the PS3 and PC versions of the game. Black Ops has reportedly been having issues with online play ever since its November 2010 release. Gamers’ Voice doesn’t find this acceptable as they state on their site: “Clearly, CODBLOPS was the one of the biggest, if not the more
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Speaking off the record, Codemasters has reportedly confirmed internet reports about the PSP 2...the reports that Sony's handheld is as powerful as the PS3. We're sure all this will be confirmed and a whole lot more at the official reveal which is expected to take place this Thursday.
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Building upon the previous Kinect hack that allows you to scanify yourself into MineCraft, this latest update allows you to scale said model and, even better, now supports animations for up to three seconds. Imagine it: your faithful recreation of BioShock can now have an actual moving, talking head of Andrew Ryan greeting you upon entry into Rapture. Who wouldn't want that? Or you could just more
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Hackers are still bravely fighting on with the PSP. Recently, they released tools that will encrypt and sign PSP binaries. So you can encrypt and sign any homebrew. What has culminated from this is the release of a homebrew loader for ALL PSP models including the GO.
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An unconfirmed Electronic Arts memo suggests that former Infinity Ward boss Vince Zampella intentionally held off on releasing a Modern Warfare 2 map pack to allow Electronic Arts an unchallenged release for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Documents filed for use in the Infinity Ward/Electronic Arts lawsuit seem to reveal an Electronic Arts DICE senior marketing director confirming plans to delay more
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As long as the world keeps spinning on its axis and waves crash against the shore, so too will a Call of Duty game be in development. Case in point: CoD: Modern Warfare 3 is currently being developed by the skilled, gentle hands of Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Or so it’s today rumored. LA Times reports that the folks at IW and Sledgehammer are sharing the single-player duties on more
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Microsoft has released a mandatory update, with the key feature supposedly that it re-enables the option to play games straight from turning the system on. However, it seems as though this was just a smoke screen as they attempt to battle against their own wave of modders, which constantly pirate games on their system. Numerous users were reporting that following the update, modded copies more
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Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision, and he believes that Treyarch is due much more credit than it gets for its development efforts in Modern Warfare 1&2. The CEO voiced his concerns in a recent interview with Computer and Video Games. He claimed that the multiplayer in the Call of Duty franchise as gamers now know it "was largely developed by Treyarch" . This probably doesn't have more
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