In what is becoming a recurring trend, bitcoin is once again exhibiting rapid fluctuations in value. The currency today hit an approximate loss of 48% compared to its all-time high value of $19,500 just a little over a month ago as it briefly dipped below $10,000. The last time the currency cost $10,000 was near the end of November last year, before the cryptocurrency's rapid, and almost more
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Veritably the most polarising issue surrounding the release of the iPhone X, the notch on the front panel of the device, might be getting a little less apparent with future generations of iPhones, as per a new report from ETNews. The report suggests the Cupertino giant is looking to amalgamate the front camera and Face ID modules into one, which could allow the company to reduce the width of more
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Dark Souls Remastered has a lot to look forward to for returning Souls veterans and newcomers alike, but cross-play with friends and invaders between platforms isn’t part of the remastered package. Whether it was being teased for the Switch or whether the remastering of the original Dark Souls was coming at all, plenty of rumors leading up to the official announcement from Bandai Namco more
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Today, Ubisoft announced they have partnered with Mondo — a group of artists known for creating limited edition screen printed posters for movies, television, etc. — to bring the Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edition. It is available right now to pre-order exclusively on the Ubisoft Store. The Far Cry 5 x Mondo Edtion includes the standard version of the upcoming title, a Steelbook designed by more
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A new Alpha update for the Xbox One is now available that includes scheduled themes and other features and improvements. The scheduled theme part of the update is one that’s been requested more than a few times by players, a system that allows them to set a schedule for their themes to cycle through. Aside from that, the improved guide that surprises players with a randomized Game Pass title more
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Today, the offer to upgrade Windows 10 for free for assistive technology users has ended. Microsoft officially ended the free upgrade offer on July 29, 2016. However, it was later clarified that this offer would remain available for customers using assistive technologies. Although this offer was initially supposed to expire on December 31, the page regarding the status of the free upgrade more
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Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Controller is arguably the greatest controller ever made, with a great ergonomic shape, premium quality finish, and multiple, modular input control options for the player; and now, they may be gearing up to introduce a successor for it to the market. A leak on the popular Chinese website Baidu (via the forum Resetera) has revealed details about the new controller; more
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If you haven’t tuned in to Awesome Games Done Quick anytime this past week, you missed out on something spectacular. A number of speedrunning gamers got together to charge through their games, all in the name of raising money for charity. And when all was said and done, they managed to raise a record amount for the Prevent Center Foundation. The group announced that, over the course of the more
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Forza Horizon 3 has been available for well over a year now and while the open-world racing title isn’t the latest experience in the Forza franchise, players of the game on Xbox One X will find a new reason to jump back into the driver’s seat thanks to plenty of new visual updates for the racing game coming today. Microsoft has announced that Forza Horizon 3 is now one more of the titles more
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The Games with Gold program's second round of free games for the month of January is now available, bringing two more titles for Xbox Live Gold members to enjoy. Just as announced, Microsoft has made available Ubisoft's survival horror title, Zombi, for the Xbox One, as well as EA's cooperative third-person shooter, Army of Two, for the Xbox 360. The latter game is also available to Xbox One more
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