E3 2016: Halo Wars 2 delayed to 2017, open beta available now

Microsoft has shared an update about Halo Wars 2 during its E3 2016 press briefing. The Creative Assembly RTS will now be released February 21, 2017 on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Halo Wars 2 is part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere programme, which means achievements and save files carry over across Windows 10 and Xbox One. You also get copies on both systems when you buy it on either one.

In addition, starting today and until Monday, June 20, a multiplayer beta for the game is available to download on Xbox One only. The 13 GB download was also among pre-show leaks.

The beta includes access to two game modes, Domination (available until June 16) and Deathmatch (available June 17-20).

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Source: http://www.vg247.com/2016/06/13/halo-wars-2-delayed-to-2017-open-beta-available-now/


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I cannot wait for this on PC


Will be getting this on PC come release date. Enjoyed the first one, just would be much better on a PC instead of consoles.


if only i could travel.. oh well, too bad. :(


Wish I could play the beta, it crashes on the logo screen every time I boot it up :(


Too bad there isn't a beta for ps4 ):


This makes me want to go and buy a Xbox.


Never played Halo Wars, but I might just download the beta.


always hated halo wars, awful moba


might have to buy a xbox one just for this game


anyone know why its being delayed?

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