E3 2016: Xbox One background music, Clubs and Arena

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Director of Programming Mike Ybarra announced a few new features for Xbox Live.

The first is clubs that will allow you to subscribe to environments to hang out with your friends. Then there is a “looking for group” feature, that lets you find other players to play with. last but not least, there is “Arena,” a new competitive platform based on Xbox Live.

That’s certainly a pretty nice addition to Xbox Live, enhancing its social features.

We already knew that background music and Cortana were coming this summer.

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About time they added this feature ,Took them 2 years to do


Look pretty cool and interesting


This looks cool, cant wait to try it out


This sounds really cool. Can't wait


Finally, music whilst I game :3


This is amazing tired of snapping the app to play music


It's about time, I need my gaming music.


sucks they axed the dvr that would be nice save some money from comcast.


Interesting, seems like they're adding what PS4 has already. We shall see! In the preview program so I hope we get to test it out !


The only question i have about this is why did it take so long for them to add background music to the one, it was on the 360 so why did it take over 2 year.

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