Modder brings co-op gameplay to GTA 5 Story Mode

Thanks to modder Guadmaz, Grand Theft Auto 5 players can experience the joys of the single-player story mode with friends. Simply called 'Multiplayer Co-op' on GTA5 Mods, the game modification will let you complete missions, pull off heists and drive around town with friends in the game's store mode.

The best part is, the mod has nothing to do with GTA V's Online mode - so there's no getting banned (hopefully, proceed with caution when downloading any mod). While the mod brings a fantastic new feature to the game, it does have some gameplay and technical issues.

Due to technical limitations and the game still being in development, their might be some synchronization issues, glitches, lag and frame rate drops. The mod will allow you to connect to Guadmaz's server to play online or will let you host your own server. Luckily, Guadmaz is continuing development on the mod which should have the mod working better in no time.

Regardless of the issues, it's a great idea.

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That is sick, i would love to try this out once it's polished off.


This is so cool.

I always liked playing co op story mode or campaign.


damn this makes me want to get PC version of GTA and mod it looks so fun especially with friends


This is so cool

Haven't played gta properly in a long time


Why isn't this already implemented?


Pretty decent!

Like the idea hahah.


that is insane :o pretty awesome


That's pretty crazy, Looks awesome.


Hope to see some gameplay of this. Sounds interesting and fun.


Sounds crazy story mode number one now

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