GTA Online players may soon be able to live in a super yacht

Leaks of future GTA Online DLC are suggesting a super yacht will become available for the mega rich.

Alleged leaks of GTA Online’s future DLC have revealed a super yacht for players to buy and own.

Much like one of the main properties around Los Santos, players would be able to buy the yacht and use it’s facilities – it comes with a boat dock and helipad.

The game’s first yacht appeared in Los Santos with the introduction of the Heists DLC, and some expected a yacht to be part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC.

The leak itself comes from Tailgolt, who has previously predicted and leaked future DLC for the game.

Other alleged leaked info for GTA Online DLC popped up over the weekend from someone called Dragoon1010.

Although not part of the regular group of GTA code leakers such as Tailgolt, Yan2295 or TezFunz, Dragoon1010’s findings have begun to gain credibility with some players after initial doubts.

They include the long-rumour customisable apartment interiors, two new vehicles and a second Lowrider update – something that has been hinted at in-game.

However, Tweets and YouTube videos containing artwork and details from Dragoon1010 have been removed this morning, although some remain on GTA forums.

Take it all with pinch of salt.

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This will only be on Nex Gen That Sucks big time.


sucks that this will probably be only on next gen consoles..


Well damn son, I want myself a super yacht


Hei lies, remember the Mansions DLC?

Lmao, still waiting for mansions.


lies, remember the Mansions DLC?


Choomah i had a look online and heaps of people are saying its fake so dont get your hopes up

Of course people are going to call it fake, but I think it could be legit. At least, buying the boat itself. Probably not living on it. The guy who is announcing the leak, has already announced previous DLC and been right about it. Soo..


I would love it if you could buy a super yacht and live on it!


I have a lot of hope for this! Can't wait :D but it is probably going to cost ALOTT


i had a look online and heaps of people are saying its fake so dont get your hopes up


Considering how freakin expensive the lowriders were, this yacht could easily be worth around 3 mil.

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