You can now customize your Halo 5 character online

A range of new features have found their way to the official Halo site today, expanding on the experience when away from the console. In today’s update, Halo 5: Guardians ​developer, 343 Industries has introduced new methods of personalization, when using the desktop version of the Halo site.

With these changes, it is now possible to customize your Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer Spartan by equipping armor sets and helmets that have been unlocked so far. While the game has not yet launched, promotions and other merchandise have included redeemable codes for REQ packs, which include weapons and power-ups that can be used in the Halo 5 multiplayer experience.

As shown in the above screenshots, the tool allows players to edit the aesthetics of their Spartan, before purchasing the game. From here, it is possible to experiment with all visors and armor sets, even if the armor set is currently locked. These armor permutations are then displayed on a 3D model. Assumedly at launch, these character setups will transfer to the multiplayer on Xbox One.

The Halo 5 online customization tool can be found when logged into your Xbox Live account, on the Halo official site.

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this is a reeally good idea, I actually thought this to myself but never expected it


I remember back in the Halo Reach days when there was a ton of Spartan customization, I understood none of it at all lmao.


This reminds me a lot of advanced warfare where you are able to customize your online character in lots of different ways!


Their is going to be so many cool and different characters online.


i' m excited so see some cool characters


Kinda cool, I am not a huge fan of the armor in this game though... same with halo 4.
Everything looks rather stretched out and relatively cheap, kind of like a GI Joe action figure...
It's really weird.


Robbed It's good to see bungie thinking outside the box, quite literally.

Thats a definite "Oh sh*t I realised what I've said and I need to crawl up in to a ball and die for 6 months moment right there"


Robbed It's good to see bungie thinking outside the box, quite literally.

Bungie doesen't work for Microsoft they work for Sony they made destiny.

343 made the recent halos shows what you know :) aha


It's good to see bungie thinking outside the box, quite literally.


Extatic I thought you could customise your character on halo reach. I may be wrong tho cause I'm not a big halo fan

Roger, you can customize your character on Halo 1 (colors), Halo 2 (colors, spartan/elite), Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach, Halo 4, and also Halo 5, as per mentioned above. This is not referencing to customization on your console, however, instead this is done through your mobile device, desktop or laptop computer on the official Halo site. Have a good one.

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