6.4 Million People Have Played the FIFA 16 Demo

he FIFA 16 demo released earlier this month was downloaded 6.4 million times across all platforms, representing a new record for a FIFA demo, Electronic Arts announced today. That figure was achieved in the 10 days following its release on September 8.

By comparison, last year's FIFA 15 demo was downloaded 5.5 million times, which was a record at the time for any EA Sports game. This year's demo was available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC.

Sales figures aren’t out yet for the launch of FIFA 16, but it’s not hard to imagine that a good portion of those 6.4 million players converted to full game owners at launch. FIFA 16 is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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Still can't get the jist of Fifa 16. In order words I'm terrible at it xD


Pint Looks alright tbf I'm just not a big fifa fan

smae , but i like to watch it , i don't play it because i suck


Looks alright tbf I'm just not a big fifa fan


ZTG Actually, it says "downloaded" not "played" :)

I see what you did there...

Hope this game turns out better than the demo apparently did...


I know a bunch of people who are gonna buy this game...


Evo8 People say CoD is the same every year, this is the same every year.

Yeah true but what else can they do to a football game its not like cod were they add a dlc they can't really add anything really


People say CoD is the same every year, this is the same every year.


FIFA is the official football game, would sort of expect more you know!


I really thought the demo was terrible but the game was a little better.


-YoungSinatra The game is so slow paced for me compared to FIFA 15, but 15 still has a lot errors. The biggest one being the game is scripted, whether it's FUT Mode or pure seasons. When you score and take the lead the games scripting comes in and tries to tie the score for the opponent. You start to notice your players tripping on each other, unable to complete passes, them running slow, and your GK can't make a decent save. SMH!

Wow that's terrible. Unfortunately, I've been thinking they would implement this eventually. Hopefully they'll fix it.

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