CoD: Advanced Warfare Players Have Travelled Around The World 14 Times

That is, of course, in-game numbers, according to new Call of Duty: Advances Warfare infographic recently released by developer Sledgehammer Games and publisher Activision.

Unlike last week’s franchise-wide infographic, this one focuses on a few specifics in the series’ latest title, including weapon and equipment usage, boost jumps performed, Exo Zombies slain, and more.

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Wow that's pretty crazy. It's interesting comparing the percent or amount of times things have been used total to the amount of times I've used them which I just checked in my combat record. I hope they release an update to this in maybe a few months, it would be nice to check out how much it has increased.


It's so mad how it counts it all I like seeing all this, Just imagine what the stats would be for MW2 ahahha


I see everything but sales stats.


Interesting stats. I never got this game though so I'm not apart of these record-setting achievements.


Even though I've lost all interest in CoD as a game, I still like to see small things like this for the game with stats.


It's crazy to think these kind of stats are made just from a community of people playing a game... mind blowing


thats amazing how the hell did they work that out


well, thats quite a lot. I still play the game but not as much. A lot of people use assault rifles though.


JRMH Sigh, it's depressing to see this... AW is trash. If you guys keep feeding sh/tty games like this due to brand loyalty, they're not gonna stop making sh/tty games.

Lol just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's a shitty game :L The people who are playing it enjoy it, therefore if they make another similar game due to those players, those players will be happy (:


People will never be pleased, if they don't like it then apparently is a "bad" game.


iStussy Moral of the story, we're fat.

Not me I don't play that garbage game

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