Almost 50,000 fans want Modern Warfare 2 remade for PS4 and Xbox One

A growing petition is calling for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to be remade on PS4 and Xbox One.

The petition went live four days ago and has already gathered over 47,000 signatures from like-minded players.

Created by Ramez Zahra, the petition is targeted at Activision and Infinity Ward to remake the fan-favourite. If you want to add your voice, head on over and put you name down.

UPDATE:The petition has reach well over 100,000 signatures!

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Hell yes! So glad to see this hitting the news!


I wouldnt mind if the servers on PC had a reboot, or released a GOTY edition of the game for PC.
Too poor to have a next gen console.


I would appreciate a remake for the PC since I'm vac banned lol


I actually hope this happens - MW2 was by far the best CoD made.


Way more fans want MW2 remade, we just need this petition to get out there!


This would be awesome even if it wasent the same maps, just the same reflexes and the same shooting but better graphics! :O


Yes people keep voting I would love this


TheUnholy1994 50,000 people used to live here... now its a ghost town....

I see what you did there O_o


i would love it if they remade some of these games in a bundle like Halo MCC like how cool would it bee to play all maps one game


Modern Warfare: Master Collection plz kthxbai

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