OXM confirms features in Call of duty - Black-ops

OXM’s Call of Duty: Black Ops cover feature has been stripped of information. Head inside, soldier.The magazine says, “You’re not just relegated to mini-gun man who holds down the trigger and nudges the aiming reticle around the screen. For once, you’re flying the helicopter. And firing the missiles. And the mini-guns.” ( read what's confirmed in read more )

Other stuff:- You will be fighting the North Vietnamese Army in certain

- You’re an off-the-grid, best-of-the-best badass with a more important
secret agenda.

- Vehicles will return, but “not in the way you remember them from WaW”.

- There will be “dedicated co-op” with separate levels. Treyarch
changed the subject when the mag asked about World at War’s hugely
popular Nazi Zombies.

- A multiplayer beta’s being “considered.”

- Treyarch will be improving mulitplayer by taking on feedback – even
going so far as to openly acknowledge the under-the-map glitches that
initially plagued World at War.

- Changes are being made to the matchmaking to “make it easier for
[players] to get into games with their friends.”

- Multiplayer was up and running so early that some campaign levels
were actually built from multiplayer maps.

- Create-a-Class 2.0 will allow you to customise yourself like never
before. This should include kit and appearance items as well as perks.

OXM seems very excited about the game, saying, “The evolution Treyarch
has undergone between World at War and Black Ops feels very familiar.
In fact, we don’t have to look far to figure it out. We saw this exact
kind of “oh-ha!” corner-turning in game design and execution from this
very franchise back when Infinity Ward leapt from A-list to the
AAA-list between CoD2 and the first Modern Warfare.”

The developer also seems excited about the game, with Treyarch boss
Mark Lamia saying, “We’ve taken some creative risks… We want to do
something different than we’ve done before. It’s time… We want the game
to speak for itself.”



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Let me throw out this MW2 already T^T


Cod 7 I think will take over MW2 because no one wants to play another WW2 game agian they said we can custimize our charcter SICK !!!!!


I'm glad that Treyarch is going to acknowledge their issues in the beta and fix them. Sounds like the game will run smooth with awesome new features. I can't wait!


I CAN'T WAIT! there is so much hype about this game already.


i cant wait to play the campaign. my dads going to play it before i get to though


i cant effing wait


I just hope during the beta(If they have one) jtagers wont get stupid with modding. Because then they will patch it before the real game comes out.


OMG you can customize your guy...they basically combined BFBC2 for the vehicles and RSV2 for the customization on characters...I hope it all works out to be a great game.


sounds like its going to be a really good game


cause there already a Beta Pc verison

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