Xbox Live founder leaves Microsoft

Xbox Live Founder Boyd Multerer announced his departure from Microsoft this week after 17 years with the company. Multerer revealed the career change via his Twitter account, saying "Goodbye Microsoft. It was a good run. Xbox was Great! Time to do something new." Multerer's bio on the social media site indicates that the "something new" he's up to is on his own terms, as he is "currently doing independent secret stuff."

Multerer not only led the design and direction of Microsoft's Xbox Live service starting in 2000, but also served as project manager and led the creation of XNA, the company's toolset that facilitates independent game development for its platforms. The longtime Microsoft designer's last position with the company was as director of development since 2011, designing the operating software of its latest home console, Xbox One.

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Good luck with whatever he end's up doing. Xbox Live changed the gaming experience!


Xbox is just going to shit!
Pc master race :D


Xbox Live was life changing, hopefully he has success with whatever he ends up doing.


I'm looking forward to hearing about what he ends up doing later in life. XBL was a game changer, I wonder if what he moves on to will also be one.


Good, Xbox Live doesn't need him anyways.


He made xbox live a great thing that it is today, i cant wait to see what he will do on his own.


I wonder if anythig will change with him leaving? I wish he could stay..


It's a bad thing to hear that his leaving. I will miss him.


Damn the founder of XBL. I hope he can go on to do greater things!


Nujabes I can see how doing the same thing over again after a certain point would get boring, but I'm sure he'll be missed among the many people that work for the company. Thanks Boyd Multerer for Xbox Live!

I'm not sure many people would want to commit their entire career to just one job, especially in the gaming industry. Different companies are getting better technology all the time, and sometimes you might wanna just change it up. You see it quite a lot, I'm sure he enjoyed all of the money he made at Microsoft though!

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