Xbox One dashboard with transparent tiles spotted

Oops. Major Nelson, the prominent figure behind the Xbox One console, was streaming content recently and it looks like he accidently let slip an updated UI for the console. As you can see in the image at the top of the post, it looks like transparent tiles will soon be coming to the platform.

The updated tiles give the interface a more modern look but do not appear to add any new functionality. Besides the tiles, it des not look like there is much ese new in the screenshot.

While Microsoft is not pushing out an update for the month of December, we expect this update, along with some other new features, to arrive in January when the team returns to their monthly releases of dashboard updates.

After seeing the tiles, do you like the new look? While we don's know if Microsoft will let you toggle the transparency on or off, considering how they are quite flexible with customization, it would not surprise us if this was an option.

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Those transparent tiles look really nice. A simple addition that makes it look even better.


This is great. I wanted this.


It's good that this is getting added, now we will be able to see more of the background.


I really like this and would love to see it on my dashboard. It looks to plain at the momemt.


I swear this can already be done?


i cant wait to see this. its looks neat.


I like it, can't wait for it to come out! It'll be nice change to the non-transparent tiles that I've been used to forever


Miss Love it already just by the look. Can't wait for this update. I'm still trying to get used to the Xbox One's odd dashboard.

Yeah it's not too pretty hey.


This actually looks so sick! just like the 360 had this, Can't wait till this is released.


Pretty nice update. Now i might see all my custom back ground.

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