Windows 10: Build 9888 reportedly leaked

Last week, a video was published revealing details of a new build of Windows 10. Today, it seems that that build has now leaked completely, and is being shared online.

WinBeta reports that build 9888 is now appearing on various unnamed file-sharing sites. The new build is not intended for public consumption, and will not be supported by Microsoft, so we don't recommend installing it - indeed, it is possible that Microsoft may not offer a direct upgrade path from 9888 to future public builds of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, so if you do decide to install it, you'll be doing so entirely at your own risk.

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Darn I there even a 9? I loved the 8. To bad my laptop broke.

Have you been living under a rock? Went straight to Win10.

[quote="CJx]I know why they missed number 9, it's so people say that window 9+10=21.
They skipped 9 because they were too lazy to fix some coding.

Been having issues with the beta recently, had to switch back to Win7 for a while but still have my laptop set up to dual boot. Hopefully this OS will be good for launch, when it comes.


Hope they do a better job of windows 10 as I hated windows 8.


I know why they missed number 9, it's so people say that window 9+10=21.


Looks good but hopefully it's better than win 8.


i need to get windows 10 lol


Been using the Win10 beta for quite some time and I'm extremely pleased with it. I just hope to god MS don't screw it up before the official release.


I guess it look's pretty nice.


This looks clean and swift pretty excited tbh cant wait to see the full release.


JRMH Every other OS that Microsoft releases absolutely sucks. Win7 was good, and Win8 sucked. WinXP was good, WinVista sucked.

I'm looking forward to this, although the next computer I'm getting is gonna be a Mac.

Nah, Windows 8 & 8.1 were good, if you could stand the one feature which most people seemed to think was the end of the world. It was bareable, tbh. I had no problems with it.

Windows 8/8.1 were superior in pretty much every way in comparison to Win7.


It looks like a pretty big improvement and I am excited for the real release!

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