New Call of Duty Advanced Warfare patch coming soon

Michael Condrey, the Studio Head of Development and Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games gave some details on Twitter about an upcoming patch. He detailed that the update will bring weapon balancing, ranked play updates, map exploits & spawn fixes, optimizations + more. He said to stay tuned for more notes about the update.

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Buff the SMGs and I'll be happy.


I have been really enjoying this game so far.


please turn that dam bal down and buff the mk. everyone uses it the first gun you get shouldent be able to out gun a mk-14


Very good to see they are keeping there game running good


I am very glad they are fixing some things! It is much needed for this game!


I have heard issues with the game, so it is great that they are fixing it. I have yet to play the game though.


Good to see they're fixing the game. I remember last time I played it, it was terrible.


I hope they tweak the ranked playlist a lot. For the first season I hope it's a lot more like bo2 league play rules or GB variant.


They also nee d to patch the camp glitches, any camos that we're unlocked before the recent patches have to be unlocked again to get diamond even though you have the camp already... Fix this?.


By the time they patch the glitches, people have figured out loads more' or they just don't patch some of them lol

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