The iPhone 5C Could be Killed Off Next Year

Hey, remember that time when we all thought Apple could possibly be launching an affordable version of its iPhone, and then it went and launched the £469 iPhone 5C and totally missed a trick? Yeah, that was disappointing. It's now looking as though the 5C will have been a short-lived experiment too.

Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times is claiming that iPhone 5C suppliers Wistron and Foxconn have been asked to wind down production of the colourful line, as Apple plans to discontinue both it and the iPhone 4S. While the three-year old iPhone 4S production halt comes as no surprise, the 5C was expected to be Apple's "entry" model for a while longer yet. Apple is expected to have one last promotional push on the 5C in the middle of 2015, and then call time on the 5C.

The writing's been on the wall for a while now -- alleged to have failed to hit sales expectations, the iPhone 5C is currently only available in a paltry 8GB size for £319. Without a Touch ID sensor -- central to Apple's ongoing Apple Pay plans -- it's falling out of line with the functionality offered by the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and even 5S. Perhaps a fingerprint-scanning iPhone 6C is being lined up to plug the gap? Here's hoping it lands at a more reasonable price if it does.

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I think the iPhone 5s will stop to the price of the 5c so if you don't get a 6/6 plus then you'll get a 5s


Not surprised really. Really like them though.


personally i like them but not the best idea i only know a few who actually have them so i can defiantly see them being discontinued


they still make the 4s??????202002


I honestly know a few people that have the 5C. But another than that, Everyone either has the 5s or 6.


Good, it was a dumb idea, it was a phase that should not have been.


Considering the iPhone 4 died a year after the 4S came out, the 4S died a year after the 5 came out and so forth. This is definitely true.


Oasis Not a surprise. I literally know no one that bought a 5c.

Pretty much every single one of my friends bought the iPhone 5c, am I the only one who thinks it was a good idea?


This doesn't surprise me. What surprised me was Apple continuing to produce it after the 6 and 6 Plus came out.


This don't surprise me I know very little people that have the phone

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