GTA Online: hosts can force new first-person view

The host of a GTA Online multiplayer session on PS4, Xbox One or PC will be able to force the first-person view on other players.

As is the case when setting vehicle type, weapons or other options in multiplayer, hosts will also be able to override all player’s views to third or first person, according to IGN.

Rockstar revealed the new first-person view this week for the PS4, Xbox One and PC version of the game.

Also according to the report, when players import their GTA character saves from last-gen to the new version, they will be given the option to rebuild their avatar, with a new system that allows for more detailed facial customisation.

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DeluxeHazard This is such a stupid idea Rockstar. I am pretty sure there are some people who don't want to be in first person.

I think its a great Idea, some people want to play the game in first person, Its optional, unless your in a job. sooooo.


This is such a stupid idea Rockstar. I am pretty sure there are some people who don't want to be in first person.


Are you Guys MORONS, it say Host can Force 1st person witch mean if YOU HATE 1st person YOU DON"T have too be forced 1st person you can stay using 3rd Person, JUST DONT JOIN A HOSTED MATCH/LOBBY WITH 1ST PERSON FORCED MORONS. learn to read before complaining. for me i will be hosting/join matches with FORCED 1st Person. i hate 3rd Person so ill stick to 1st person Veiw Matches only


I hope this is only on private servers and not public :)


i could see some people abusing this!! hopefully its not that bad but we will have to wait and see when it comes out :P


I say yes and no I for one will be playing in first person a lot but for other people it will be a disadvantage if they aren't good playing in first person or just simply don't like it.


Pretty good, makes it fair for stuff like TDM's and stuff


Good. It'll be fair for everyone if they do change it. Doesn't really matter to me since I'll already have first person active.


I don't like this as when I join a public lobby if someone makes me have first person view and I dont want first person view then thats a bit annoying.


I think it shouldn't matter with the host picking. I wish it was simple as pressing the back button on the controller picking the camera angle..

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