Titanfall adds 'Black Market' and in-game currency system

Respawn Entertainment added a new in-game market to Titanfall known as the "Black Market," which allows players to redeem credits in the game for burn card packs and insignias. For instance, the game's standard burn card pack costs 5,000 credits and contains six random pilot and Titan burn cards. Players will have access to the Black Market once they reach level 11 and have opened the burn card menu.

Respawn emphasized that the game's new currency and market updates do not indicate that Titanfall players will be spending real money in the game at any point, driving the point home with an all-caps "NO MICROTRANSACTIONS" note in its announcement.

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Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2014/07/24/titanfall-adds-black-market-and-in-game-currency-system/


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Virtual currency will forever be a bad idea on games imo. It makes access to these items a lot easier because someone always finds a mod or a glitch.


-Chrissy- Havent been on Titanfall for ages. Ill probally go back on soon

I kinda got sick of it. It was good though

Yeah it was that kind of game that got boring after a while, something good need to happen to regain their players


-Chrissy- Havent been on Titanfall for ages. Ill probally go back on soon

I kinda got sick of it. It was good though


Havent been on Titanfall for ages. Ill probally go back on soon


AFA I don't think this game is any good...

It's good in my opinion they just need to focus on adding more weapons.


It was fun at first but then the maps were looking like the same thing over and over the "campaign" made no sense it was like you had to keep playing till u beat it unless it would be hard to find other players playing the same mission as u , Titanfall was overly hyped , Dont get me wrong they brought something new to the table but they lacked in Guns like did they have any camos? Camos are a reason to go hard wit a gun They lacked in equipment , and Attachments instead of adding this dumb black market they should add new things the players NEED


The hype for this game went downhill quickly.


Only reason I play this game is because of the Titans as im obsessed with those


wRw_Get_Bodied Wow you are high. Noone plays that game anymore. Most trash game on xbox one, took too long to add these things.

He is right no one does play it now it's gone dead.

Polygon It's too late in the game to adding things like this.
They should've thought about this ages ago.

No-one plays Titanfall anymore anyways.
tut tut

nobody plays titanfall anymore? Lol what kind of stupid are you?

Really? On Xbox one there's thousands online everyday... I don't know what you're talking about
Go back to playing CoD if you don't like it, and learn how to use grammar.


When is this going live? Anybody know?

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