Snoop Dogg featured in voice DLC for CoD: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the "coolest game in da hood" according to Snoop Dogg, he has been approached by Infinity Ward to provide voice work for the multiplayer callouts. His voice will be sold as part of a "voice DLC"; the DLC will feature Snoop announcing things like "squad member active - a brother from another mother" and "rack up points by reaching the enemy portal, y'dig?". The Snoop Dogg voice pack will be available for purchase on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 starting April 22nd for $2.99.

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This is stupid. Why do you need a guy saying things when you get kill streaks and such? Really pointless DLC just like the rest of the DLCS that COD has..


Snoop Dogg always makes everything better!


Milking cash from CoD, nothing new here.
Although the Gunny sound may be cool, still not worth the cash.


omg gonna be the best DLC yet i actually can't wait, should have done this years ago


I don't even care that they are charging for this! I'm def. buying :)


Conspirator I cant believe they are actually doing this! Moneywhores smh..

I actually like how they're bringing a funny side to their game. It's going to be great for my funtages lol


So is tupac


Oh god, Infinity ward after more money.


my friend told me about this but i thought he was lying haha ill probably buy this as its cheap


wow lol, while they're at it they might as well add eminem, i would actually pay for that voice pack

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