Flappy Bird's Dong spills over game removal

Dong Nguyen has been talking to Forbes about why he pulled his hit "Flappy Bird, he states that it became "too addicting".

Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed... ...It’s gone forever."Dong"

His reasoning for the removal seems to be largely based on how addictive the game became to many players. He felt the best way to combat this was to get rid of the game instead of letting others decide how to best budget their time. He went on to say that his other games are not at risk currently for removal but if they got "too popular or addictive" he would not hesitate to remove them in the same "helicopter parent" esque style.

How do you feel about game developers pulling their games if they feel players are spending "too much" time playing instead of letting players manage their own lives?

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Maybe it wouldn't be so addictive if it wasn't poorly designed and buggy.


I think it's great to see developers that genuinely care about the people. Realistically, he could have made a lot more of the game. Instead he take it off, to help people focus on what's truly important in their lives. Kudos to him!


I feel like it could be the right thing to do because ya never know what could happen when someone's playing said game too much. They could fall and break something and then sue the developer because they were playing the game at the moment of the accident. Just like that McDonalds coffee incident.

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