Microsoft new CEO Nadella is supporter of Xbox brand, stresses Spencer

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has stressed that new CEO Satya Nadella is a firm supported of the company’s Xbox division, cooling fears that the company may cut off its gaming arm over time.

It follows claims that Microsoft CEO candidate Stephen Elop would consider releasing the Xbox brand if it was deemed ‘non-essential’ to the business.

Nadella was named Microsoft’s new CEO yesterday, after a lengthy screening process saw several high-profile candidates weeded out. Spencer then discussed Nadella’s promotion with gamers on Twitter.

Congrats to Satya Nadella on becoming new Microsoft CEO. Good leader, good guy and will be a great CEO.

@Delena4Ever999 Yes, I know Satya. He's been a good supporter of Studios and XBOX.

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This new CEO might change microsoft in a good way, at least i hope he does.


Gates still owns a heft amount of share percentage, so I doubt he would let this happen. He's decided to step down, but said he will be still working there, more as a consultant than anything. He's letting the company expand to it's new possibilities. Nadella was really the only candidate for the most part. He had been working there for like 27 years, and is credited a lot for MSFT's cloud system. I'm sure that no matter who's in charge, if the systems begin to fail in terms of revenue on a consistent basis, they probably would consider stopping it's production. That's not very likely to happen so yeah...


Glad this guy got the job, just wasn't comfortable with the other guy saying he would remove the xbox part if it wasn't essential to him


We'll soon see if he's up for the job or not either he will be fired like the other guy or he'll Bring great things to us just hopes he makes good decisions.


daRealRush It's good to hear he is a supporter of the Xbox....

It's kind of expected honestly.


Dong That's the only division I care about is the gaming.

Same here, if the game is good at gaming then im fine.

Well yea i guess but im glad they had a good suporter too


It's good to hear he is a supporter of the Xbox....


Valor I think they should exit the gaming world, they can't compete.

Are you stupid? Honestly are you stupid? I don't care if you hate the Xbox brand and never bought one it is still VERY important they keep producing. If there is no Xbox have fun paying outrageous prices for your PS items. They will control the console market so they can do whatever and will never upgrade their software since they will have no reason to. Anyways I'm pretty sure the Xbox is competing since you know it is making a profit...


That's the only division I care about is the gaming.


Dreams oh i bet playstation is happy to hear this if they got rid of the xbox brand playstation would take over gaming

That would be bad news for us.
No competition = Higher prices

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