PlayStation Vita slim model unveiled

Sony’s new PlayStation Vita slim model unveiled by UK product manager Ben Law. Older Vita model will be replaced as stock runs dry.

The model is available to preorder from today in the UK. Sony released the PS Vita 2000 in Japan last year.

It is 20 percent thinner than the original model and 15 percent lighter. More significantly, the OLED screen has been replaced with a new LCD screen and 1GB of built-in memory.

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That looks pretty cool but i dont really like the playstation portables


I never really liked PlayStation portables. I would never buy one.


Taskforce Ive never liked these and probably wont get one.

There cool, but they are really confusing to me.

they just need more games i have one but only baught 1 game nothing els seems good


Taskforce Ive never liked these and probably wont get one.

I only have a hand held system because I like Pokemon and Harvest Moon. Other than that, never had any real interest in one.


used to own the original model and it was ok just to many bugs and needed better games.


Ive never liked these and probably wont get one.


Well this is pretty interesting. I personally will not be picking one up as i already have a vita though


If some good games come out on the Vita I might consider getting one, depending on the price.


I hope the other vita goes down now so I can buy it lol.


What's wrong with it i like it but I'm not going to buy it

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