PS4 pre-orders up to 1.5 million, analyst suggests

Worldwide PS4 pre-orders have risen to 1.5 million, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes.

In August, when Sony announced a PS4 release date of November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe, the company said more than one million PS4 pre-orders had been placed worldwide.

Speaking on the latest episode of Bonus Round, Pachter suggested the figure has since risen by 500,000 units.

"Sony's making a million [PS4's] a month, Microsoft probably about the same, and they probably commenced manufacturing around September 1, so through December they'll manage four million each," he said. "Because of the delay in Japan I think Sony will probably ship around two million to the US, and my guess is those will sell out.

"The Xbox, probably demand will be a little lower because it's an extra $100. I think Microsoft intends to really market the hell out of the value add of Kinect and the headset included in the box. If I had to bet I'd say they're going to throw some software in the box and three months of Xbox Live Gold [at launch]. I think they need to give the gamer a reason to spend an extra $100."

Pachter went on to label Sony's PS4 execution "pretty flawless" so far. "The only thing they're going to have problems with is supply disruption. That million pre-orders that they talked about, which I understand now is up to 1.5 million, that's a lot of consoles. That tells you there's not going to be a lot of boxes behind the first 1.5 million and so I think you're going to have some supply shortages. And I think, to the extent that there is a shortage, that's a potential customer who says 'I'm getting an Xbox One because that's great too.'"

In late September, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara told CVG that all UK PS4 pre-orders placed at the time should be in consumers' hands in time for Christmas.

PS4 will be available in 32 countries this holiday priced at £349 / €399 / $399.

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1.5 million thats a hole lot of preorders


Wow, I still think the Xbox One will have more.


Wow that's quite a lot of pre-orders and a million a month is a ridiculously high number. I wonder how the Xbox One is compared to this.


Balloons I know ps4 would win! ( btw I'm xbox going to ps4)

How does one statistic pre-determine whether one console is superior to the other? Plus it was a rough estimate, by no means a actual calculation.

We will have to wait until the consoles are out, and still, it will be manily down to opinion on which console is better.


Balloons I know ps4 would win! ( btw I'm xbox going to ps4)

How the hell does this in any way mean PS4 won? First of all, this is an estimate made by an analyst. Second, in no way has there been a release of information on the Xbox Pre-orders.


Believes...Doesn't really confirm. I honestly hate statistics. They're generally skewed and misleading, but in all honesty, who really cares...


Wow i wonder how it compares to the Xbox


-CP After the whole scam with making people pay more, I think it will actually go down.....

PS4 pre-orders held for ransom by online retailer
Sony has nothing to do with ONLINE retail the company they sold there consoles too can do what ever there little hearts desire with them. Like make you pay more money than you half too


That's very good for sony, but i'm still very indecisive of whether i should get the one or ps4, i think i'll wait a couple months after release and see what people think about it.


I know ps4 would win! ( btw I'm xbox going to ps4)

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