Battlefield 4 Official Battlelog Features Video

A trailer for Battlefield 4's new Battlelog, featuring some interesting integration with mobile and tablet devices, such as customizing your loadout so that you're cocked, locked and ready to roll as soon as you start up the game. The tablet can also be used as a mini-map and to set attack points.

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Pins Battle Field 4 Looks Good I Remember I Got battlefield Bad Company 2 I Thought It Was A Very Good Game!

Bad Company 2 was sure an epic game. I'm hoping that battlefield 4 turns out just as well, from what i have seen it defiantly looks that way.. the new battle log looks amazing


Aisaka_Taiga BF4 and GTA V. Possibly the best year ever...

Couldn't agree more. I think these two games are going to be way better than call of duty.

I can't say that they will sell more because Call of Duty can sell games just because of their name.


NinjaWizard This game looks better and better every time.

It's is defiantly shaping up to be a pretty good game. I am personally really looking forward to it


Of course EA takes it down :(


ha this game is so much better than ghosts.


BF4 and GTA V. Possibly the best year ever...


This game is 1000x better than any Call of Duty


This game looks better and better every time.


its amazing and i think the new style of battlelog will come when the beta comes out


I uploaded the SAME trailer to my channel and I will not take it down unless EA makes me. So there you all go.

this is a good link

Thank you. I am super happy we can now camo our vehicles :) camo humvees, mraps, helis, jets, tanks so cool!

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