Creative Halo Infinite Fan Adds Emotes To The Game

A talented Halo Infinite has managed to add emotes to the game that can be used during gameplay. Unlike many other modern shooters, Halo Infinite lacks an emote system for players to use to communicate with other players.

Halo Infinite has come a very long way since its troubled release back in 2021. The game initially launched in a state many considered to be unacceptable, especially in such a prestigious franchise. However, 343 Industries has remained extremely committed to the game, with frequent content updates to this day. Just recently, Halo Infinite launched its Operation Anvil update, bringing a brand-new Operation Pass and a new armor set. It's been great to see the progress in the game - it would have been easy at launch for the studio to turn its back on Halo Infinite and move on to the next title, but that wasn't the case at all.

Redditor Zeny- shared the video online, showcasing what emotes could look like in Halo Infinite. The camera zooms out to a third-person perspective, at which point the emote begins to play, evocative of other live-service shooters such as Fortnite. This isn't just a fan concept, either - this is a Halo Infinite mod, with this actually working in-game. However, as it's a script, unfortunately it's not one that players will actually be able to use online any time soon.

I've added emotes to Infinite, so now you can hate me in peace.
byu/Zeny- inhalo

Some players in the thread pointed out that the emotes appeared to be one of the game's stances, and Zeny- confirmed that they had mixed the poses with the match introduction sequences. It's clear that if this were to actually make its way into the game, the potential for plenty more emotes would be massive. According to Zeny-, this emote system in its current form only took 30 minutes to create, so a fully functioning version likely wouldn't take too much effort from 343 Industries to implement. It would be an interesting change, considering out of every Halo game, none have had a feature like this before.

With almost three years since Halo Infinite launched, 343 Industries remains silent about the possibility of a new title in the series. Despite this, it seems that work may already be underway behind the scenes. It was recently revealed that Halo 7 has a new lead designer, sparking rumors about when the studio will reveal what is coming in the future. Even with the new lead designer coming aboard, it will likely be a few years yet before 343 Industries is ready to speak about what is coming next for Halo. This could mean that support for Halo Infinite will continue for a while yet, too.

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yeah, ok, whatever floats your emote :wink:


All games nowadays should have emotes after how big they've become from Fortnite lol