XDefiant Producer Says Haters Can "Move On"

If you can't accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best. That's essentially what XDefiant's Executive Producer Mark Rubin told players who are seemingly unhappy and frustrated with the game's myriad bugs. In an extremely candid response shared on Twitter, Rubin spoke of the difficulties of the engine the Ubisoft live-service shooter is running on, as well as the challenges of being a brand-new shooter in a space that's been heavily dominated by the likes of Call of Duty, Apex Legends and Fortnite, among others.

In response to an accusation by a user that XDefiant had been rushed out to beat the incoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, Rubin had this to say:

Rushed out? No. What we have is an engine that has only ever been an MMO. And so all of the infrastructure for an FPS has had to be built up from the ground floor. Even CoD started on ID tech which was a shooter engine. Apex started on a shooter engine. But for us we are working on developing all new tech in an engine that was designed for something else. That being said the engine is really great but it does require a lot of work and with that work comes a lot of bugs that other engines have already worked out. We're not a shooter that's been out for 20 years. If you like what we are trying to do stick around and you'll see things improve and new features get added. But if the game isn't for you that's ok you can move on.

Rubin, who had previously served as an Executive Producer on Call of Duty, knows full well the work that it takes to get a shooter not only up and running, but also the work needed to ensure its long-term success and viability. Since XDefiant's launch, Rubin has established himself as a vocal producer, often responding to fan requests and comments, all the while offering insight into Ubisoft's newest venture.

While his response does give an air of frustration, he's not entirely wrong. That's because the Call of Duty gamers know and love today also had humble beginnings, and Apex Legends was built on the framework of what Titanfall had accomplished. Heck, even Fortnite was designed to be a co-op shooter before walking into the success of a battle royale, while Rainbow Six Seige was almost universally panned at launch.

In other words, things take time, and franchises don't always have the most glorious starts. The issue is that the space as it is currently constructed is packed. And so, new ventures don't necessarily have the grace that they once did to overcome initial warts and bugs. Players have come to expect perfection on Day 1 lest they return to whatever franchise they were previously occupying.

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there are games out there that are not to everyone's liking

don't like the game, go and try out another


The game is pretty great, something a little bit different!


I understand where they are coming from but some people would see that as a threat so it could kill numbers of players!


Yeah I mean you don't have to play it or try it out just log win then lol