GTA 5 DLC Was Canceled Because GTA Online Made So Much Money

Grand Theft Auto 5 had a number of DLC content it intended to add after its initial release, and while this content mostly never came to be, fans of the franchise got a bit of an insight into what the content would have included when the results of datamining revealed the DLCs, one of which was titled "Agent Trevor." This particular content would have featured Trevor in a James Bond-esque scenario in which he goes undercover, as was previously revealed by Steven Ogg.

Unfortunately, its existence and the few details Grand Theft Auto fans have been made privy to in the months since the leak, though thankfully a new interview with one of the developers from Grand Theft Auto 5 has revealed a bit more – specifically some insight into why the DLCs were cancelled in the first place. Speaking with SanInPlay on YouTube, senior camera artist and virtual cinematographer Joseph Rubino reveals he was working on the DLC until it was cancelled:

"That was kind of my thing. I was one of the main editors, camera artist and doing a lot of the second unit on-stage stuff," Rubino says in the video. "[Then] we split our teams into two, so I stayed on GTA Online and then this DLC, which Steven Ogg was a very important part of, and then some of the team overlapped and went to Red Dead Redemption 2 early on."

Rubino goes on to claim that the DLC content for Agent Trevor was ultimately not released as a DLC due to the success of GTA Online – specifically, it's monetary value to the development studio. "What happened was when GTA Online came out, it was so much of a cash cow and people were loving it so much that it was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would out-compete that," he states. "I think looking back now I would say that you could probably do both, but that was a business decision that they made."

Rubino also states that the Agent Trevor DLC was around half complete at the time of cancellation, though he does reiterate a fact that we already knew due to the previous leaks – a lot of this particular DLC did make it into GTA Online: "A lot of that stuff did end up making it, I believe, into later iterations of GTA Online, I think, so it's not like they wasted it."

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yeah, made so much money they were able to create GTA6


It's shame I bet it would've been dope!


Not a good reason to cancel it at all ! That's some bs