L.A. Noire Developers Supposedly Working on "Huge" New Project

A new game from the creators of L.A. Noire is supposedly in development after slipping under the radar months ago. A newly discovered Instagram post from a composer who's said to be working on the game suggested that it would be called "Sowden House," an apparent reference to an eccentric house of the same name which was once owned by Dr. George Hodel, a suspect in the Black Dahlia murder. The game itself is supposed to be set in the 1940s similar to L.A. Noire itself, so if this game is indeed in the works, it would seem the developers are right back in their element.

Credit for the discovery goes to Redditor gennaroandriani who shared the Instagram post in question in the L.A. Noire subreddit within the past few weeks. The post itself was actually shared back in March by a composer named Freyja Garbett who showed some recording being done in a studio. The composer shared details on the game which offered plenty more than we usually get through these kinds of early reveals.

The Instagram post itself can be seen below along with the text from it in case the post goes away after this discovery.

"From the creators of LA Noire comes Sowden House, a psychological thriller also set in the 1940's in LA that will have you questioning your sanity (much like I have been since writing the music for this project)," Garbett said about the game. "This project has been HUGE and it is still unravelling and revealing itself to me. I never thought I'd be writing for video game but I'm grateful for the opportunity! This was the second Video games session recording and it features the 'jazz band.'"

Garbett mentioned the "creators of LA Noire" which seems to refer to now defunct studio Team Bondi which was formed by Brendan McNamara. L.A. Noire was the studio's only game. McNamara later founded Video Games Deluxe which worked on L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files for Rockstar game. The studio's LinkedIn page also credits itself as the L.A. Noire developer and says it's plan right now is to "work on something new." It was discovered back in 2020 that Video Games Deluxe was supposedly hiring for a new VR project for Rockstar Games.

Neither Rockstar nor Video Games Deluxe have announced any plans for a new game called Sowden House or anything of the sort at this time.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/la-noire-devs-sowden-house-game/


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be great if they brought back LA Noire as a remake, then continue with a a few more of games of the story


A new mob or mafia game up to date and good graphics would for sure be awesome