Cut dialogue found for Shadow of the Erdtree final boss

This article contains spoilers for the final boss of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

Seemingly removed voice lines have been discovered for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s final boss.

Reddit user LaMi_1 discovered the voice lines while looking through the game’s internal files. While the lines aren’t accompanied by voice acting and are simply text prompts, it may give answers to players who were disappointed that the game’s final boss doesn’t speak at all during the final battle.

The lines are:
“I am Radahn.”
“Born of red-maned Radadgon, and Rennala of the Full Moon.”
“A lion bred for battle.”

During the second phase of the battle, Miquella appears and has fully voiced dialogue, but Radahn stays silent.

It’s currently unclear if recorded version of the lines exist, or if there is any way to trigger them in-game, but it doesn’t appear likely.

Elden Ring’s expansion DLC Shadow of the Erdtree was released last month to widespread critical acclaim.

While FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki recently ruled out making a second Elden Ring expansion, he has left the door open for a potential sequel.

Miyazaki also said last week that there’s “interest” in an Elden Ring adaptation.

Speaking to The Guardian, Miyazaki said: “I don’t see any reason to deny another interpretation or adaptation of Elden Ring, a movie for example.

“But I don’t think myself, or FromSoftware, have the knowledge or ability to produce something in a different medium. So that’s where a very strong partner would come into play.

“We’d have to build a lot of trust and agreement on whatever it is we’re trying to achieve, but there’s interest, for sure.”

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always happens for games

there always be dialogue and/or scenes removed


Nothing that will be that missed I think people were just happy to get the dlc in the first place lol