Xbox May Skip Major 2024 Gaming Event

Judging from some recently revealed information, it appears that Xbox could skip one of the major gaming events of the year, Tokyo Game Show 2024. If so, this would be an unprecedented move from Microsoft, considering how often the console manufacturer has attended the convention over the last few years. Although it's best to take this information with a grain of salt — as Xbox has yet to officially confirm its attendance at Tokyo Game Show or lack thereof — evidence seems to point towards the latter being the case.

Since the beginning of the Xbox Series X/S generation, Microsoft has made a habit of making an appearance at Tokyo Game Show via online-only presentations. These press conferences are often intended to reaffirm the console manufacturer's commitment to the Japanese market, a region it has historically struggled in. While Microsoft typically reserves its major announcements for its June Xbox showcases and The Game Awards, the company has had some notable reveals at TGS. In 2022, for instance, Xbox announced a slew of Japanese games coming to Xbox and/or Game Pass at Tokyo Game Show, from Guilty Gear Strive and Ni No Kuni 1 and 2 to Danganronpa V3 and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Now, however, it seems that the company may be skipping TGS 2024 entirely.

As spotted by HazzadorGamin on Twitter, Xbox is not present in the list of attendees for Tokyo Game Show 2024. This suggests that the platform holder might not hold a showcase to coincide with TGS in September this year. Of course, it's entirely possible that Microsoft may announce a TGS-related event focusing on Japanese games for Xbox in the next few months, but the company's absence from the exhibitors' list is rather strange if that's the case. Either way, fans should probably temper their expectations and expect Microsoft not to show up at Tokyo Game Show for the time being, unless official word says otherwise.

Microsoft has hosted a handful of well-received presentations in 2024 so far, including the incredible Xbox Games Showcase last month. That being said, the company not making an appearance at TGS would still disappoint many Xbox fans, especially those hoping for more announcements of Japanese games that skipped Xbox to finally come to the platform. In fact, some may even take this as a sign that Microsoft's giving up on Japan entirely, but it's probably too early to jump to such conclusions.

Microsoft's potential absence from Tokyo Game Show this year is somewhat ironic, considering the fact that rival platform holder PlayStation is attending TGS for the first time in half a decade. Nintendo, meanwhile, will be an exhibitor at TGS in some form as well. With Xbox possibly skipping it, however, it seems that Tokyo Game Show 2024 might be yet another gaming event that not all of the big three console manufacturers participate in.

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yeah, nothing really exciting to show at any event like this tbh


Might as well not like they have anything to show anyways besides fable