Sonic Mania's Dreamcast Port Is Looking Fantastic

Sonic Mania caused quite a sensation when it arrived a few years ago.

A love letter to 2D Sonic developed by fans but with Sega's blessing, it ended up putting other, modern Sonic titles to shame – so it's little wonder that people are still keen to play it on as many platforms as possible, even today.

SonicFreak94 announced some time ago the intention to port the game to Dreamcast, and the project has been developing at quite a brisk pace of late. We now have footage of the game running on real hardware, and it's looking utterly brilliant, as you can see:

All of the stages are now playable, and the game runs at a smooth 60 FPS.

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wow!! the port looks so awesome

hope it can be ported to more old consoles fr


Dream cast was so fun back in the day ! Kids really miss out on these games or systems and games these days