GTA 6 Trailer Item Seemingly Appears In GTA 5

In a year's time, hopefully, Grand Theft Auto 6 will be available to play. That said, with a year to go, it certainly feels like we don't know that much about Rockstar's hotly anticipated title. To this point, there was a reveal trailer, which highlighted the world and some of the characters, as well as some key art. Elsewhere, it's been confirmed that GTA 6 will release in the Fall of 2025, which means anytime between September and November. Oh, and Take-Two hasn't ruled out a price increase for the next Grand Theft Auto, saying, "We're so focused on delivering more value than what we charge. And that's sort of the rubric."

But outside those nuggets, which have largely come from earnings calls, not much else is known. That's largely by design, as Rockstar is notoriously secretive about all aspects of its game production. They're also equally protective of their IP, which is why there hasn't been a GTA or Red Dead Redemption movie. With that in mind, fans have been looking for any sort of hint about what's to come, and they think they may have found it.

That's because in a recent update to GTA Online, it appears that a necklace worn by presumably GTA 6's protagonist has been added to the game. It's a near 1:1 match of what was seen in the trailer, and was suspiciously added to the game recently. Fans are hoping that either it's price, or its presence in GTA Online, can shed some more light on things.

For GTA Sleuths, It's All In The Details
Taking to Reddit's r/GTA6 subreddit, a user posted that via the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, a new necklace was added to the game's customization options. That necklace, which is called the "Silver Layered Necklace," looks exactly like the one in the GTA 6 reveal trailer.

Now, this could be a happy coincidence and mean absolutely nothing, but it's Rockstar we're talking about here. In other words, there definitely is something to glean from things, we just don't know what. One user has suggested that its price could point toward a potential release date, while others believe similar accessories have sprouted up as well.

Whatever it may be, it continues what has been a newsy day for GTA. Earlier it was noticed that a huge quality of life update for GTA Online is paywalled behind the GTA+ subscription. Now if only Rockstar can come out with a new trailer.


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yeah, we will find out soon enough


It's still SAD af we never got mansions in gta 5 or a single player dlc. What's joke lol. 10 years of the game to