Minecraft Player Recreates Mt. Everest in the Game

A talented gamer online has shared their impressive recreation of Mount Everest in Minecraft, bringing Earth's highest mountain into the game. This Minecraft build features remarkable attention to detail, and it looks like a photo image of the real Mount Everest.

Over the years, the Minecraft community has produced a ton of amazing builds. Because of the nature of the game, these builds can range from anything, from in-game calculators using redstone to recreations of gamers' favorite areas from other video games. However, there are many out there who like to recreate real-life locations and landmarks in Minecraft, and many of them are staggering, as this Mount Everest recreation shows. There was even one gamer who recreated the Eiffel Tower in Minecraft Survival Mode, which is no small feat given the resources required. Realistically, this Mount Everest build probably wasn't created in Survival, but that doesn't take away from what an impressive achievement it is.

Redditor Amon6669 shared the Minecraft Mount Everest recreation, which has been created on a 1:2 scale. Even at half the size, it still looks enormous, with some of the distant images looking exactly like real-life Mount Everest photographs. According to the user, the project has taken two weeks so far, with the use of WorldPainter and World Machine terrain creators, as WorldEdit was too small for the scale on display here. There have been realistic mountain landscapes created in Minecraft before, but nothing quite like this.

Amon6669 also claims the project isn't yet complete. It features famous landmarks on the mountain such as the Khumbu Icefall, the Yellow Band, and the Geneva Spur, and the intention is to eventually turn it into a Minecraft adventure map, where players will trek to reach the summit. The adventure will even begin in Lukla, just as it does in real life. This already joins the ranks of stunning Minecraft builds from the community, and it'll be awesome if it actually becomes playable like this one day.

Minecraft is the pop culture phenomenon that keeps giving. Gamers remain just as engrossed in the title as they were years ago, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Minecraft recently celebrated its 15th anniversary with a bunch of in-game giveaways, showcasing the impressive longevity the game continues to enjoy. As long as players continue to craft unique creations in the game's impressive sandbox, Minecraft's success will continue.

I recreated Mt. Everest in Minecraft!
byu/Amon6669 inMinecraft

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