Fortnite Publisher Shares Potential Release Window For iOS

Four years ago, Apple shocked gamers around the world when it completely removed Fortnite from all iOS devices for violating App Store guidelines. Now, after a lengthy battle between Epic Games and Apple, Fortnite is finally set to return to iOS devices. At least, within the EU and UK, anyway.

If you're wondering why Fortnite will only be returning to iOS devices within the EU and UK, it's because of a new EU law known as the Digital Markets Act. The law came into effect last year and requires companies such as Apple and Google to "open up their services and platforms to other firms and developers," according to the BBC.

The Digital Markets Act has allowed Epic Games to bring its popular storefront, known simply as the Epic Games Store, to iOS devices, along with the capability of downloading Fortnite via Epic's own storefront.

While the Digital Markets Act does not apply to the UK, a bill known as the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act was passed by the UK government earlier this year. The law works in a similar fashion to the EU's Digital Markets Act, and will allow Fortnite to return to iOS devices within the UK.

Epic Games took to X (formerly Twitter) after the UK bill was passed to confirm that Fortnite would be returning to iOS in the UK "in the second half of 2025." But it's good news for the EU, as Fortnite looks set to return to iOS devices in the next couple of months, according to a new post from Epic Games.

On the official Epic Games Newsroom account, the studio confirmed that it had now submitted the Epic Games Store and Fortnite to Apple for the required notarization process. This means, if all goes well, that Fortnite will be available on iOS devices within the EU in "the next couple [of] months," according to Epic Games.

Epic also said that it wants to "bring [its] games to other mobile app stores" and stated that it wants to "talk with all stores that offer great terms to all developers."

UK users will still need to wait until the second half of 2025 to jump back into Fortnite on iOS, while the rest of the world will have to continue using GeForce NOW if they want to play Fortnite on their iPhone or iPad.

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great news they're bringing it back to mobile devices


Fortnite needs to come back to mobile !