Street Fighter Movie Set For 2026 Release

Legendary Pictures and Sony have set the next live-action movie adaptation of Street Fighter for a March 20, 2026 release date. The release date announcement comes just days after the movie lost its directors Danny and Michael Philippou due to concerns over scheduling conflicts due to a movie they're working on with A24, Bring Her Back. Despite there not being an announcement named for the Talk To Me creators replacement, it seems Legendary is eager to send the movie into production sooner rather than later given the reason for the directors' departure – and the set release date indicates this further.

As mentioned, this isn't the first live-action movie adaptation for Capcom's popular gaming franchise. The first attempt premiered in theaters in 1994, with a second following in 2009 with the release of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Besides sharing the same franchise, both of the Street Fighter movies were considered critical failures and have been contributing to conversations against live-action video game adaptations for years. Despite that, the 1994 movie has found a bit of a following in recent years and continues to make Capcom money, so now would seem like a good time for them to want to circle back on that again for a fresh attempt.

Video game adaptations have been on a hot streak recently in theaters and in television both in terms of critical reception and box-office earnings and/or high viewership counts with well-performing releases like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, HBO's The Last of Us, Prime Video's Fallout, and more. With Legendary working together with Capcom to create the third theatrical experience for a Street Fighter movie, there are definitely high hopes that the third time will be the charm for the franchise in theaters.

Now that Legendary's Street Fighter movie doesn't have directors, we unfortunately don't know much about the movie at this time outside of the newly confirmed release date – plot details are being kept under wraps for now. Beyond the release date we've also seen the movie's logo showcased at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo earlier this month and later shared as an exclusive by Collider, which is immensely similar to the classic logo that's been used for the franchise by Capcom, hopefully indicating that Legendary won't be trying to reinvent the wheel too much on this particular Street Fighter movie adaptation.

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yeah, can't wait for the movie

it's gonna be epic fr


Going to be boring asl. I think a mini series if anything would have been the best bet for it