Discord Nitro Now Lets Your Friends Try Nitro for Free

Discord Nitro is the chat service's paid subscription service. Users who pay for the premium version of the service get access to larger file uploads, custom emojis across all servers, and much more. However, Discord is always looking for new ways to improve the Nitro experience as it tries to increase subscribers. To that end, the team announced that three new features are coming to Nitro subscribers, including the option to share the service with your friends at no extra cost. This trial version of Discord Nitro lets players try the service out before users completely jump into the service.

The new Nitro Pass service lets current users gift friends a two-week pass for the service. Anyone who is subscribed to Nitro gets three friend passes that they can share with whoever they want. The Discord developers haven't shared how often those passes will refill, but they did say that those three passes won't be the only passes you ever get. Therefore, you can feel free to give them out at will and know that Discord will eventually fill up your stockpile of passes every so often.

Of course, the new Nitro Pass feature isn't the only new feature users will notice the next time they log into Discord. The developers have also added several new custom app icons and one new color scheme. If you've been bored with the look of your Discord recently, this will let you switch things up and keep it fresh. The new icons are "Color Wave, Midnight Prism, In Rainbows, and Blurple Twilight." The latter icon is also the new Discord theme, giving you the option to switch to a nice, dark blue theme if you're a Nitro subscriber.

Finally, Nitro users will now have the option to assign Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects to specific Server Profiles. That means you'll be able to change things up between different servers, giving them all their own look. If you're someone who uses the Discord Shop to purchase new cosmetics, this gives you an easy way to constantly switch up your look, keeping each server feeling fresh.

If you like the sound of the new features listed above, you can sign up for Discord Nitro for as low as $2.99 per month. That's the cost for the Basic version of the plan. If you want the full Nitro experience, you'll need to pay $9.99 per month to get everything listed above and much more.

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always great to try things for free :lipbite:


It's coo and all but They just charge to much for this stuff fr